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  • mtudor54

    hi my name is sarah and im a psychiatric patient. i know that many people look down on me and see me as a freak, a demon,hideous...whatever. but im asking anyone here if they have any information from the watchtower or any other JW writing on serious psychiatric illnesses and what the bible has to say about it. apparently in those days they called people like me dumb. we rank of some of the world's smartest people,have certain gifts that have been given to us such as seeing subliminal or suggestive material very well(that happens to be one of my gifts) and we can master things such as speaking very hard languages and being able to walk in another person's shoes. i can do hard calligraphy which dates back nearly 2,000 years, i can create ventrioloquist dummies and can decipher smells and sounds extremely well. i am a schizophrenic and satan wont leave me alone. i would like to have someone to study with and would like to start going to the meetings. i dont have adequate clothing as i dont have much money and am in the process of losing weight. i have things that i need and simply cant afford.also i would like to know how to get rid of satan or at least make things a bit better. if there's a doctor on here who specializes in this could i please talk to one? i look forwarding to making new friends on here and am hoping to find someone who can maybe take me to the meetings. thank y'all!!

  • ABibleStudent

    Welcome mtudor54/Sarah

    If you want someone to study WTBTS literature and go to meetings with, then JWN may not be the right place for you. Most members of JWN do not believe the WTBTS represents God nor believe in demons.

    If you are seeking help for pshcyiatic disorders, are you currently seeing a counsilor? I would recommend contacting Steve Hassan at 617 396-4638 from 9:00 to 5:00 EST Monday through Fridays for a ~ $100 fee or complete his email contact form for free to either talk with him or locate a cult-exit counselor who lives near you.

    You are not a freak. You are someone who needs compassion and maybe professional help. The WTBTS will not help you with compassion nor professional psychological/emotional help.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • dazed but not confused
  • Mum

    In college, I took some Religion classes. One of our most esteemed professors said that if we wanted to find the great religious thinkers of today, we woould need to go to a mental institution. The people in the Bible who were the leaders were looked upon as weirdos, Jeremiah for example.

    The Watchtower Society says most of the people who post here are "mentally diseased" because we no longer believe in them. If you want friendship and support, we have it and give generously.

    If you want to become a JW, this is the wrong place. We care about you, whatever your decision, and you are welcome here. But you need to contact someone at a different site to start a Bible study and start attending meetings.

    Best wishes.

  • transhuman68

    Hi mtudor54,

    There really is no satan- he is just a character in an old book. So you have something wrong with your mind... but joining the Witnesses won't help. They will make friends with you- but if something goes wrong- for example, if an ordinary person has a brain tumour and starts acting strangely- then they will try to get rid of you; and you will be back where you started. It might be better to find a group like GROW and try to get help there.

  • Freethinking76

    Hello, transhuman68 is completely correct, I say this because I do have some issues too.and at first ,I did not say anything.but the jws "sisters" began pretending to want to be my close friends i opened up. When they found out my " issues" they dropped me like a hot me I am telling you no one is really your friend there . I am a jw,a fader for about 3 weeks,no one has call me to see how I am doing.but don't think I think this is bad ,no,no, wonderful cause i would never go want to vent come here,.if you want to vent ,vent.

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