The Inflexible Pipe Dreaming Governing Body, New Boys, The Hands Of A Few Without A Clue,

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  • frankiespeakin

    Here we have a completely dumbed down Rank and File from which to choose leadership. After years of a steady diet of misinformation/propaganda which demonizes the world in general and make going to college a cause for removal of priviledges, the brain drain must be enormous, with critical thinking at an all time low and the information age just starting to get in to full swing the future looks bleak for these CEOs that run the Corporation. Only Black and White thinking allowed at the their board meetings, a bunch of yes men being surrounded by a bunch of rubberstamping yes men getting deeper and deeper entrenched in group think, nobody feels comfotable to speak their mind least the be labeled apostate and be burned at the stake/DF'd. Creativity squashed in favor of keeping alive the delusions of grandure the Governing Body now enjoy by means of a tenuous bible interpetation that self-servingly promotes them to absolute authority by proclaiming them a Faithful Slave(o the irony).

    The hands of these few idiosyncratic self appointed messiahse without a clue of reality, now guide a 7,000,000+ army of mindless drones to the promised land flowing with rancid milk and contaminated honey.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Hi Frankie,

    Yesterday i finished reading Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control (finally) and there's just no doubt left that the WT is a cult.

    I think the intelligent intellectuals who really cared for people have passed on. All that's left are control-hungry faker hypocrites trying to keep the money rolling in. And like you say there is no one to speak freely because they Will be thrown out.

    In listening to some of these recorded judicial meetings i have become physically ill. These guys sound like fire and brimstone preachers i heard 40 years ago at Baptist country churches here in the deep south. I mean like seriously so mean they sound demonized, talking to people like they are dog crap beneath their feet. Calling the KH "this holy place" - i never heard the KH was HOLY, good grief.

    It was BAD when i started fading three or four years ago and it can only be getting worse - which is really good because more and more people will find it easier to disconnect and get out.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

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    Don't worry looks fine, you might try highlighting everything and then go to Font size. It don't allways work.

  • frankiespeakin

    Inflexibilties of the Governing Body's one track mind is obvious as they can not even entertain the idea that the corporation they are CEOs of is anything but Jehovah's Organization, and so they are stuck to what they have made Jehovah the Corporation's #1 Sock Puppet and Cash Cow say in the past,about an "end of the world" message(they call it good news?) that must be preached so that the reader won't become blood guilty,(which BTW has been the driving force of this corporation success). Talk about being in a nasty rut that blinds one to reality. A complete change of heart is needed to come up with anything creative and good seem to be out of the picture for these guys as they drone on in fantacy about their relationship to the corporation's logo Jehovah.

    Expect more predictable behavior from these, lost in la la land ego maniacs full of selfserving bias.

  • westiebilly11

    I have been reading crisis of conscience by Ray Franz....what an amazing book. He clearly exposes the GB for what they really are. Its aims and modus operandi are now self centered. It has rushed dates...taken scriptures out of context...sought to control the rank and file ....and misled many. The Emperor has no clothes.......and a paper empire.

  • Crazyguy

    What's really sad since it the blind leading the blind with anyone dissenting being killed so to speak, theres no hope just a car driving around aimlessly until it finally goes over a cliff. But theres no cliff, its in the flat lands so on it goes.

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