We don’t interpret the Bible!

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  • Londo111

    The Watchtower teaches that they do not interpret the Bible. Interpretation is something everyone ELSE does. But not them.

    It is basically claimed by adherants: “We don’t interpret the Bible! We let the Bible speak for itself!

    From the Reasoning Book:

    ‘Everyone has his own interpretation of the Bible’

    You might reply: ‘And obviously not all of them are right.’ Then perhaps add: (1) ‘Twisting the Scriptures to fit our own ideas can result in lasting harm. (2 Pet. 3:15, 16)’ (2) ‘Two things can help us to understand the Bible correctly. First, consider the context (surrounding verses) of any statement. Next, compare texts with other statements in the Bible that deal with the same subject. In that way we are letting God’s own Word guide our thinking, and the interpretation is not ours but his. That is the approach taken in the Watch Tower publications.’

    Of course, what is offered here is good advice: Consider the context! Unfortunately, that is not the approach taken in Watchtower publications.

    How often is a full chapter ever considered verse by verse? Very rarely. It was only when I left the Organization mentally, that I heard the terms Exegesis and Eisegesis. I do wonder if that is by design.

  • leaving_quietly

    As if "who is the faithful and discreet slave" isn't an interpretation?

    As if "the great crowd" isn't an interpretation?

    And so on...

  • infernosdante

    lies beget lies its business as usual

  • sarahsmile

    The following rules are how the Watch Tower publication controls minds.

    Rule 1 Twisting the Scriptures to fit our own ideas can result in lasting harm.

    Rule 2 Consider the context of any members statement.

    Rule 3 Next, compare notes with other statements that deal with the same subject.

    Rule 4 If you have any doubts about rules 2 and 3 read rule 1.

  • sarahsmile

    Oh hey I did not know the meaning of Grace! Embarassing asking a different sect what is that? Never heard JW say it.

    Good job finding WT reasoning skills.

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