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  • spender

    Hiya, I haven't talked to you yet really, but I've been looking through as many older posts as I can and reading what you have to say. I must say that you're one of the most knowledgable people I've seen here so far, and i value and respect your opinions a great deal. I have a a few questions, and others can help out on them. I wanted to know what books you've used in addition to the Bible of course that have helped you to know so much and be able to refute the ideas of the dubs so well. I also would like to know if anyone could help direct me towards your story, since I'm very interested in reading it and any other posts you've made here that you feel are significant. Thanks for the help, and I hope I get the chance to actually talk to you soon :)

  • AlanF

    Hi Spender,

    Whoo, what books and other resources! A lot. I've read hundreds of books all the way through and have skimmed through much of my library of several thousand. The books I consider among the most useful of all are, of course, those by Ray Franz, Carl Olof Jonsson and James Penton. Other, more specifically oriented resources can be found in the various essays here: . Depending on how far you want to go with this, I can suggest a lot of other resources. My somewhat out of date bio is here: . My email is open, and if you want to talk on the phone, email me and I'll give you a couple of numbers.

    What questions do you have?


  • spender

    wow, lots of essays you've written I've got some books coming in this week(some of the ones off the list you said), and I'll read all your essays (I've just finished reading your bio), then we'll see if I have any questions left....I hope so

  • alazenby

    If you want a list of good books, I have hundreds, and sources and lists for more, also for copies of original WT lit from way back with the covers showing a cross and everything. Have you ever seen the cornerstone at the Watchtower HQ? Has a cross....

  • spender

    Yes I've seen it...and all the bethel brothers celebrating christmas. I believe it's in the "organization behind the name" brochure if I'm correct.

  • Fredhall


    Many information you posted is full of lies.

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