Replace "Catholic" with "Jehovah...

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  • Francois

    Here's a quote from Perspectives in this week's Newsweek:

    “If the Catholic Church in America does not fit the definition of organized crime, then Americans seriously need to examine their concept of justice.” Arthur Austin, on the scandal rocking the Roman Catholic Church. He claims he was sexually abused by a priest.

    Come to think of it, what IS the difference between the Mafia and the J-Dubs?


  • Outaservice

    Francois, I tried to e-mail you with the address on your profile but it never goes through?

    I wanted to know if you ever knew H.A. (Buddy) Carlton from Austell?


  • Francois

    Dear Outta:

    Buddy Carlton was one of my best friends before, during, and after my (and his) departure from the Borg. In fact, I helped him write his letter of disassociation.

    There were many nights we sat up very, very late and discussed many things about the Borg and the growing injustice and hypocrisy in "God's Channel of Communication."

    Anyhow, thanks for reminding me that I need to update my email address in my profile. My new addy is: [email protected] and I'd welcome hearing from you.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    AHA!! So that's why my mail never got through to you Francois...all those hours I typed into the late hours of the night...tapping away...pouring out my heart to you...sharing my most intimate secrets...sharing my most intimate thoughts/desires/fantasies What a waste!!

    Oh well...


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