US / UK: The State Of The Nations Teeth.

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  • Englishman

    Sorry, all you Transatlantic cousins, but your teeth are no better than ours.

    After losing count of all the posts from across the pond that decry the state of the average Brits teeth, last week I did an in-depth comparison of Britteeth versus Ameriteeth.

    Whilst holidaying in Sorrento Italy, I quickly became aware that tourists visiting the area were ratio-ing at about 60% British, 30% US and 10% German. This gave me ample opportunity, whilst sitting in café’s and bars to assess the state of each nations gnashers.

    Without doubt, the worst teeth was that of the Deutschlanders, presumably this comes from their habit of eating smoked meat for breakfast, after they have cleaned their teeth.

    As for the Brits and Yanks, there were no discernible winners at all. Some Yanks and Brits had a row of tombstones similar to Yadirfs, others had a jagged set of chompers that resembled the front end of a tunnel-boring machine.

    So there you have it. Brit teeth and Ameriteeth are identical in the dentistry stakes. No winners, no losers.

    Mind you, our SAS could never be beaten anywhere, but that’s another story!


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