Just got back from China

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  • Perry

    I decided to say hello to all my fellow posters after a week of absence. Nothing insightful to say other than my trip to Hong Kong was a blast. I hooked up with about 7 or 8 Aussies and we did up Hong Kong right. Has anyone ever been there? If anyone ever gets a chance to go there it's a real hoot.

    I took a train ride about 200 miles into mainland China too. All I have to say is that the West better watch out! They are an amazing people and are serious about their industrializing.

    Anyway, take care anyone.

  • Kenneson

    Welcome back from China. Did you get to see the Great Wall?
    That would be one of the sights I would like to take in.

    Einstein also said: "I cannot believe that God plays dice with
    the cosmos."

  • Prisca

    If you were hanging out with Australians then you definitely would have had a good time!

    What did you like about Hong Kong & China most? What is worth seeing/not worth seeing? I'm curious since it's a country not that far from Oz, yet few Aussies actually travel there.

  • Marilyn

    Perry, my husband and I have lived in Hong Kong on and off for years (since 1985). My husband is working there at the moment. He's an exjw. It's a pity he didn't know you were coming thru coz he's have joined in with the Aussie group and added to the fun. We are Australian too. Next time eh?

    Marilyn (I love Hong Kong!)

  • ozziepost


    Judging by our business contacts, there is plenty of traffic between Hong Kong and Oz from the large Chinese-Australian community.


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

    - Ron Hutchcraft Surviving the Storms of Stress

  • gotcha

    i love hk!!! but ive not been there for quite a while now...grr
    hope i could go back this year and visit china too....i hope shopping is still good!!!..try visiting here in the philippines we need some

  • anewperson

    Any info you can share about JWs/exJWs in Hong Kong or Phillipines? JWDugan posts it at times about Japan but none of the other Asian lands.

  • Perry

    Yes., the Aussies were very drunk and I think they thought I was part of there group from Australia...hehehe. I'll be going back in three weeks. Anybody want to hook up with me there? Let me know.

    Prisca, what I like most about Hong Kong is how easy it is to do business there. The Irish bars are everywhere.A 250 lb guy gave me a foot massage I'll never forget...was incredible. Of course, the chinese girl who walked on my back and cracked everybone was a huge plus too.

    The hospitality among the business executives is second to none. There manners are impeccable....makes us westerners look like barbarians in some ways. I cant wait to go back!

  • dustrabbit

    Hi folks,
    [disclaimer: it's late here, and I'm feeling a little drowsy, so forgive for the typos, if there are any]
    I'm an American ex-JW living and teaching here in Guangzhou... Actually, I should state for the record, I was never baptized, but grew up in "the truth" from ages 4 to 18.
    Anyway, it's kinda strange living in China. I figure JWs and Asians have something in common: both promote group-centered thinking. However, someone who's really close to me that's Chinese, doesn't really understand much the specific religious tenet that I grew up with, so it does make it difficult talking about the JWs. Yet she does understand the dynamics of how the group (i.e., the Organization) puts itself at the forefront of your life.
    By the way, Kunming, China is a great place weatherwise and for a nice getaway. But Guangzhou has some of the comforts of American Tv (via Hong Kong) and fast food....but no Mountain Dew.
    the dustrabbit

    To do list:
    1.Still waiting to goose the Organization.

  • Perry


    I'll be in Guanghou next week staying at the Marriott China Hotel. Send me an e-mail and I'll buy you a beer!


    Perry Little

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