Donee organizations:(many kh's listed here)

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  • sf


    from "W" page:

    Warren Youth Trust

    Warriors in Warfare

    Warriors of the Light Trust

    Warwick Wright Charitable Trust

    Wat Lao Buddharam Association Trust Board

    Wat Thai New Zealand Charitable Trust

    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New Zealand


    Each page has many kingdom halls listed.

    What's up with this site and why so many "jws" listed?


  • Kenneson

    I clicked on the Introduction to the Donee organizations and
    found this sentence: "When a person makes a donation to an organization listed here, generally they can claim a rebate for that donation."

    I wonder if this is equivalent to our American charitable deductions
    on our income taxes?

  • Stephanus

    I didn't realise that NZ'z tax rules allowed donations to churches as deductions; might explain some threads on nz.politics!

    For an interesting slant on charitable donations in NZ try this url:,1008,1167361a10,FF.html

    It seems the PM is as honest an artist as the Watchtower org is as a UN library card holder...

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