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  • philip

    We read with interest the posts of persons with doubts about the WTBTS teachings in the individual Kingdom Halls.

    What must be addressed is: 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. This is our test to prove Jehovah true, even though EVERY man be found a liar. People are being spiritually raped, families destroyed, people are committing spiritual and literal suicide because of a doctrine of Babylonish origin, shunning. Look at Christ's example, we follow him, not men. He allowed people to go their own way if they didn't want to follow him.

    Revelation 18:4 tells us to get out of Babylon.

    The WTBTS teaches Satan is a god of this world. If we read 2 Corinthians chapters 1-4, Satan is never mentioned or alluded to. Isaiah says JEHOVAH GOD blinded the minds of the unfaithful Israelites and pasted their ears shut, and then Paul applied that time to his present letter.

    We rejoice that thousands are finding God true. Sincerely,

    Philip and Sarah Allen

  • Carmel

    I guess there is a point here. Just not sure what it is....


  • butalbee

    Yeah, what is the pt there?

  • waiting

    A community pat on our backs session?

    I'll go for it - except watch out for Carmel's *pats*......he's tall and got looooooong arms.

    Good to see you, sweetpea!


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