A Trip To See Someone Special

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  • Thoughtless

    > Be me


    > Go to see adoptive mother in which I haven't seen in TEN YEARS due to adoption and her own personal issues


    > Enters nursing home. Room smells of lysol and crap.

    > Bedridden and sick, she beckons me closer to her bedside.

    >As we hug, I notice "The Truth About God" tracts and "What Does The Bible Really Teach?" magazine

    > Heard I was being raised by JW's and that she has been studying with them for four years.

    > "I am so happy to have come to know about Jehovah", she says


    >Paces room for the rest of the three hour visit...nervously.

  • Miss.Fit


    The irony. ..

    That must have been hard on you. are you planning on seeing her again?

    Please let us know how you are doing.


  • laverite

    You say "adoptive mother," is that correct? In this context it would seem she is a birth mother? Or perhaps an adoptive mother who is no longer raising you? Sorry for my confusion.

  • Miss.Fit

    Thoughtless : hope you are doing ok.

    My mom had a nervous breakdown when I was little. She was a JW. I ended in up being raised by some JWs.

    My mom was DF twice. She came back in and now she is pioneering. She s in her 80s.

    My mom never lost faith- even after she found out that the JWs she entrusted her kids to were abusive and c hild molesters.

    I didn't go back with my mom until I was 13. It was hard reajusting. We still talk. I dont call her as much any more.

    Maybe your mom thinks you will have something in common since she is studying.

    I m thinking about you. If you ever want to compare foster notes. Pm me.


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