Pope Urges Followers To Drive 'Humble' Cars

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  • Bangalore
  • designs

    Its a business with a corrupt heart and bad PR but driving a 'humble car' is going to help alot

  • Glander

    Probably the most ostentatious religion in the world, Cathedrals, ermine robes, jewel encrusted crowns and other 'real' bling, golden scepters, etc.

    That's not the rank and file Catholic, that is the Church.

  • fakesmile

    so is he going to downsize to a semi bulletproof hyundai with 18 month financing or just forego the leather and gold trim option on the benz?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    uh Popemobile?

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    That's nice, catholics should drive humble cars while he rides around in a bullet proof mercedes. Makes sense I guess, monkey see monkey do- don't drive a bitchin car but I will at a modest price of $345,000 euro.


  • Vidiot

    I used to have a pimped-out ride (now I drive a humble car);

    I'm telling you I had a pimped-out ride (now I drive a humble car)...

  • BU2B

    This man draped in gold sitting on a golden throne wants his followers to be humble?! Wow

  • Jeannette

    Enough to make the Governing Body envious.

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