Jehovah's Witnesses: Italy. SCANDAL for drugs stolen

by Emilio Morelli 4 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Emilio Morelli
    Emilio Morelli

    Jehovah's Witnesses : SCANDAL in Naples ( Italy ) for drugs stolen (Eritroproietina) and sold to black in the parallel market of the sect .

  • Emilio Morelli
    Emilio Morelli

    The local News talk about 4 arrested for theft in hospitals and 20 suspects for distribution of drugs without medical supervision

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    There must have been JW insiders who stole that EPO....then selling it cheap to other JW's. Maybe the arrested people are JW nurses/hospital staff?

  • Gayle

    So sad,,JWs, in desperation for their life and health, at risk due to ban of WT about blood transfusion, seek out unethical doctors and nurses willing break medical laws and deception for money from these desperate JWs.

  • Emilio Morelli
    Emilio Morelli

    The 4 people arrested are JW nurses/hospital staff ( according to regional news ) . The JW exploit their brothers and absurd rules on blood transfusions to make some money easily. Drugs from the cost of € 2.000 were sold at € 40-70 .

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