Having Children is 'easy' to do, but should everyone have the right?

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  • fulltimestudent

    Yup! This is a 'can of worms' topic, and it raises many issues, but I raise the issue because of this little girl:

    Her name is Tanilla, and this is what happened to her:


  • fulltimestudent

    And another report and video:


    The mother was first (I think) charged with murder, but accepted the lesser charge of manslaughter, offered if she pleaded guilty. You may notice the faint smile on her face in court in this second video.

    I appreciate that this woman may have had a difficult life herself, but now that difficult life is compounded by this matter.

    Maybe we need a universal medication that prevents childbearing, and a antidote that nullifies the affect of the universal medication and permits pregnancy ifwant-to-be parents have demonstrated the maturity neccessary to raise children. (Sort-of joke)

  • awaken2004

    I work in dependency courts and I am all for steralizing certain people. So many hurt/abuse their kids, lose them to the system and go off and make more babies just to end up right back here.

  • jgnat

    My sister, a family doctor, told me the worst thing she had to deal with in her residency was the fact that anyone can bear a child, no matter how unfit. So I've thought about this for some time.

    Let's say there was mandatory training and licensing of parents before they could bear children. It might not have helped Tanilla in this case, because the father is fit, and I suspect the mother, malleable. That is, when she is with a good man she is good, and when she is with a bad man she does nothing.

    What we do know is that Children's Services was slow to act on complaints. Now, that could be improved. The government could take the larger responsibility and make sure caseloads are reasonable and oversight, stringent.

  • zeb

    Awaken 2004. here in australia a lot make a living doing just that.

  • Giordano

    Being 'pro life' needs to mean being Pro Life from conception to old age. Meaning pre natel health care, Child rearing, diet, pre school opportunities, medical health care, education and finally old age issues.

    Today Pro life means we insist that you carry that child to term be it a mistake or rape. After that don't bother me about what happens to that child and what kind of life they will have. And by the way don't use government money for planned parenthood or food stamps or child development services.

    There's this incredible seperation from reality from those who base right to life issues on their religious beliefs.

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