October 1, 2014

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  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    Friends, how happy we are to be nearing the date of October 1, 2014! (allow for applause)

    Yes, we are soon to commemorate 100 years since the Gentile kings have had their day. We have basked in the blessings of a century of Kingdom rule. What more could we ask for? How thankful we are that our compassionate God has held off the end for so long now so that more can hear the message of the importance of 1914 and especially the conventions in the 1920s that were specially marked in Revelation by trumpet blasts! What a grand privilege we have to tell the world about these earth-shaking events from the 1920s lest the world somehow not be aware of them! (allow for applause)


    In all seriousness, how will Mother Watchtower commemorate this date? They’re in kind of a tough position. This ancient date has to be an embarrassment but can they really ignore the centennial anniversary? Will they have a special Watchtower that month? Will it contain reinforcement of the overlapping generation nonsense or perhaps bring out the 120 year Noah insinuation and highlight 2034?

    I would hope the passing of this date would cause a few to think about what they really believe and how tying prophecy to this date makes an absolute mockery of the Bible and the whole religion in general.

  • Comatose

    Insinuating a new date like 2034 would be great. With all the info available online, something like that would wake at least one third of the dubs up I bet.

  • SAHS

    Hey, I was just thinking: Wouldn’t it be really great if us “apostates” as a whole (or as a “class,” as the Watchtower would say) could somehow get together and actually produce some kind of simple printed publication on a regular basis that could be made available to people, with each issue containing a brief synopsis of references about the real truth about the Watchtower organization? (Sort of like the short list of Web links which Blondie includes at the top of her weekly Watchtower comments posts.) It could also have that little QR (Quick Reference) code box on it just like they put on the Watchtower and Awake magazines, the Our Kingdom Ministry, and even the new books. (You know, that funny little white square with all the tiny little black squares in it, which takes you right to the Website using the camera and the QR code app on your smart phone.)

    I’m not sure what such publication should be called – maybe something like “Ex-Jehovah Monthly,” “Watchtower Rejects,” “Not-So-Silent Lambs,” or something else succinct and poignant yet creative. It could come out monthly in hard copy and Web issue, or maybe (at least for starters) just on the Web, perhaps in an Adobe Acrobat (“.pdf”) format. It could be fairly brief but could include some little contributed articles/podcasts and comments, and maybe even a list of upcoming apostafests in small print (sort of like the district convention location lists they used to put at the back of the Watchtower every year).

    Yah, that would be a great idea! (Amazing what can pop into my head while I’m having my afternoon coffee.) Wouldn’t it be so awesome if the first issue could be on October 1, 2014? (Get it, 2014?)

    Pass this idea around – great ideas (such as the ones from my mind during afternoon coffee) should be made into a reality. I’ll now take a sip of my coffee as a toast to all of you . . . . and, of course, to great ideas!

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