A Whale has beached itself at Lakes Entrance Vic

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  • smiddy

    I along with many other sightseers was veiwing a beached whale at the tourist resort Lakes Entrance Vic.when an ABC cameraman & journalist arrived ,being a resident I was interviewed for the 7:00pm newscast.God knows what I said ,hopefully it will go to air tonight.The whale has been stranded now for about 24 hours and they hope to free it within the next 12 hours.It obviously took a wrong turn through the entrance into the lakes,hopefully when and if it frees itself,with human help ,it finds its way back out to sea.It seems to be stuck in shallow water,not deep enough to swim out of.It makes an effort everynow and again ,swishing the tail or raising its head but to no avail.I`ll keep you informed of new developments.


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