Does anyone know what happened to the Northgate Congregation in Chester, UK?

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  • TimothyT

    Hi guys.

    Im moving to Chester in 4 days and its out of the jurisdiction of my congregation so... WOOP WOOP! The JWs are going to be invited in often.

    However, the territory Im moving to should have been the Northgate congregation however my cousin told me it was disbanded a while ago. Does anyone know why?

    Apparntly it has been split up and meshed with Blacon. This could be bad for me as I knew some in the Blacon congregation and I dont want them giving my game away when I invite them in.


    Tim xxx

  • bigmac

    i cant be of any help----but maybe some on this thread might be able to--

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I live in another country but all the jws in the area know who I am. The "family still in" tell the congregation secretary. He tells the bethel. bethel contacts the bethel in the new country. That bethel contacts the new congregation. and........ the new congregation sends an elder to see you, normally around the memorial time.

    So, one came to our door. Unfortunately for him, Mrs P, I swear she has some Klingon blood in her, answered.

    " Some of your husbands friends from his old country asked us to pass by" he said.

    He never did get alot further, good old Mrs P LOL.

    So the moral is: they will know where you are, and it will be noted on the new territory file.

    Then of course, if your family don't know where you're moving to, well what can I say.... " enjoy yourself"

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