4 generations and Jehovah's protection

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I saw a news article on line last week of a family portrait. There were 4 individuals in the

    picture. An old great grandmother, a grandmother, a mother and a baby girl.

    The caption said "4 generations". The caption shoud have read "2 over lapping

    generations" I guess the news papers don't keep us with the true meaning of

    a generation.

    An elder gave a talk several weeks ago and he talked about the recent terrible

    tornadoes in Oklahoma City and due to Jehovah's protection not one witness was

    killed. No mentioned was made about the number of people who were killed or

    injured. I guess when a witness out in service or going to an assembly gets killed

    in an accident that they did not have Jehovah's protection and that in Satan's system

    time and unforeseen occurances effect everyone.

    All of these things just makes me Sour Grapes.

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah i was just thinking about the generations subject yesterday and their poor excuse for understanding. My Grandmother is 95 and my youngest child is 2. So if my Grandmother dies next year since my son was alive when she died thats one generation, really. What does the bible say in the first part of Mathew and what happened in the desert during Moses time concerning that generation? I knew back in 1995 this excuse of a reason was total crap, but didn't really stop and think about it or care too much because i had just gotten married. Should've left the ORG back then.

  • TOTH

    The witnesses' leadership is uttery ;ackling in any respect or consideration for people not of the body. Such a poor example to set because I see more and more of that spirit of coldness and aloofness being taken on by more and more witnesses I know.

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