JW`S policys are bad , but their are worse , ISLAM for instance and it`s anti women ,anti progress stance.

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  • smiddy

    We think we were in a destructive cult (and we were ) however their is a far larger destructive cult by the name of Islam./ muslim Two young teenage girls killed because they were dancing and recording it on a mobile phone .They were not naked they were in traditional dress.It was reported to be an honour killing by a step brother......Honour killings are rife with this religion.....genital mutilations of females are rife with this religion.....Suicide bombings are rife with this religion .....,even killing fellow Islamists of a different sect...A young girl is shot because she wants to promote an education for young girls...Multiculturism in western society only advances the agenda of extremists of Islam ,they use it to their advantage against the softer policys of freedom of democracy........Political correctness is going to be on the headstone of democracy.......mark my words


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    You are basing your view of a mighty , often enlightened, religion based on a very small minority of members. Christianity has very bad acts. You arr s Taliban in your faith

  • OneEyedJack

    Yes, you are right, but that like telling someone who got stabbed that they could have also been shot. Sure, thats true, but I just got stabbed, so can I get to a hospital and deal with problem i got before it kills me?

  • smiddy

    You arr s Taliban in your faith

    I`m sorry BOTR can you enlighten me on this sentence ?


  • HarryMac
    Band on the Run - , often enlightened, religion

    Please expand.

  • cofty

    I agree Smiddy.

    The problems are intrinsic to Islam. It is not just an issue for extreme or fundamentalist Islam.

  • punkofnice

    Religion is dangerous.

    Oh, the GB would love to institute killing I'd wager..hence.....with their little get out clause.........but we know what they are really implying..........

    Elders should Slaughter Apostates (but we never said that!) Nov 15, 2011 WT - "The prophet Elisha sent one of the sons of the prophets to anoint Jehu as king and to instruct him to kill every male of the apostate house of Ahab.—2 Ki. 8:28; 9:1-10." "Though the thought of violence is unpleasant, we should realize that in those days, Jehovah used his servants to carry out his judgments.... Today, no servant of Jehovah uses physical force against opponents of pure worship. “Vengeance is mine,” God says. (Heb.10:30) But to rid the congregation of potentially corrupting influences, Christian elders may have to act with courage similar to that of Jehu. (1 Cor. 5:9-13) And all members of the congregation need to be determined to avoid the company of disfellowshipped individuals.— 2 John 9-11." "Jehu announced that he intended to hold “a great sacrifice” for Baal. (2 Ki. 10:18, 19) “This is a clever play on words on the part of Jehu,” says one scholar. While the term employed here “generally means ‘sacrifice,’ it is also used of the ‘slaughter’ of apostates.” "It is true that Jehu spilled much blood. Yet, the Scriptures present him as a courageous man...

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