Interesting (But Very Disturbing To Me)

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  • metatron

    Rockfish can live to extreme ages and remain active (including sexually, the females can still lay eggs).

    They are a miracle of evolution that could teach us critical information about getting old without aging. And what do people do? Hook them for dinner or to be a trophy on a wall !! WTF!

    Now tell me about your global concerns - prejudice, climate change, unemployment....

    Death. How about death? Is that important? And conserving animals that are vastly better at aging than us? Huh?


  • prologos

    M: please dont advertise such longevity facts, because:

    ill informed but greedy will hunt or fish the species to death, consume them to aquire their prowess. to witness:

    the Phino horn, powder for those that want be horny.

    lean toward veggies.

    live stress free,

    GB fear freee.

  • metatron

    Eating Rockfish won't do sh*t for longevity. I believe the answer lies in how it manages its metabolism and deals with defective proteins.


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