Banned TV Shows - Tales of the Unexpected

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  • usualusername

    As a kid a remember Tales of the Unexpected being frowned on as it had Ouija Boards in the opening credits.

    Do you recall any other shows being banned?


  • punkofnice

    usual - Oddly enough my Dad let us watch it...and he watched it too. There wasn't anything banned in our house as such but Dad din't like Vampire films.

    Dad was strangely liberal compared with others but he'd been in the marines before becoming a JW so I don't know if that made a difference.

    TV shows that are banned seem to be banned because the indvividual doesn't like them. The WBT$ gives the individual licence to be a controlling bully in these matters.

  • BobFlanagan007

    I loved that program, I seem to remember a couple of other things about it:

    1) It very rarely actually had any supernatural content.

    2) Never mind the ouija board (which thanks to horror films and the like people don't realise are actually 19th century toys and have nothing to do with true occult practices), what about the polarized image of the dancing naked lady during said opening credits? That surly would have made many a JW father aroused uneasy.

    This thread actually reminds me of being out on FS with a sister and her addmiting that she stayed up late the previous night to watch the TV premier of of movie Zombie Flesh Eaters (the one with that underwater shark vrs zombie fight sequence). I think she knew I wouldn't snitch on her as my friends in the congregation knew I had a taste for non-mainstream books, music and stuff, and I admitted to her I'd concidered watching it myself but didn't as it was on too late.

    Though even at my most hardcore JW ways I still believed entertainment was a matter of concious it still felt a bit naughty to admit that we both were interested in a movie that would at the very least get us a bollocking from the elders if they found out.

  • flamegrilled

    You've reminded me what a great program that was. Roald Dahl was a fine writer. I always preferrred the written stories to the show, but then I always preferred books to TV or movies anyway.

    The content would have been too dark for my parents at the time. Our boundaries were pretty strict. They'd probably be okay with it now though.

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