On this day in history (7/1/1879)

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  • theron ware
    theron ware

    1879 – American evangelist Charles Taze Russell published the first issue of The Watchtower, the most widely circulated magazine in the world.

    (from today's wikipedia.org main page)

  • clarity
  • Phizzy

    The most widely circulated, but hardly ever read.

  • EdenOne

    How many fish have been wrapped around in watchtower pages over the last 134 years?


  • NewYork44M

    When they use the word "circulated" do they count the endless stacks of magazines that each witness has in their home?

  • punkofnice

    The laundromats have never been the same since.

    What a rotten day in history.

    How dare they clash with Canada day!!

  • truthhurts13

    I used to leave STACKS of mags 40-60 at a time at laundry mats......Then count every last one as a placement BOOYAH!

    and sometimes throw a book or 2 in

  • prologos

    circulated like rolled into fire logs.

    the chemicals of the colour pictures make for distinctive flames, and not too clean air outside.

    polluting not only the minds.

    what other paper is rolled er circulated that way?

  • smiddy

    AWWWW .... .. come on guys dont be spoil sports , it is after all an acheivement , though I too have an issue with the word circulated , a more accurate description is printed.What other cult like organizations ,religous or otherwise has accomplished anything like this , despite their ever changing doctrines , false predictions/expectations/prophecys/backflips/ludicrous contradicting blood policys/anti higher education/exclusiveness to community & Government involvement--and at the same time taking advantage of government handouts and tax exemptions on a personal and organizational level/duping millions of volunteers to offer their free time -energy -and finances to promote these failings , has to be hailed as an acheivement of success , and lets not forget that in their 130+ years of existance they have a property portfolio that any real estate agent would kill for.

    I apologise to the world of mankind that I was ever a part of their success


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