update on new history of Watch Tower

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  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Those of you who read my posts know my primary interest in history. I've posted many times about Schulz and de Vienne's first book and directed you to their history blog. I think their work is exceptional. Miss de Vienne has posted an update on their forth-coming book. It is the first volume of two. I think her essay is well worth reading:


    I've exchanged a few emails with Dr. de Vienne. She has a hugely funny way of putting things. I read her novel too. I think we can expect balance from these authors. The parts of their work I've read are very informative. They take you to places you'd never think of going for Watch Tower details. Some of it is just interersting. Some truly informative. Give her essay a read.

  • cedars

    Thanks for this info Old Goat. I can't wait for the volumes to come out.


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