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  • infernosdante

    what if a television press conferance was being held and the man in charge said that god had given them the truth and the way to everlasting live,and that they have millions of members,he would go on totell explain their core doctrines,which would be exactly the same as jehovahs witness'es.But they have named themselves Jehovahs Proclaimers.What would be the wt response,would they denounce a religion with the same beliefs as them self?

  • Oubliette

    infernosdante: What would be the wt response,would they denounce a religion with the same beliefs as them self?

    Yes, because it's not about doctrine or a particular set of beliefs. It's about control:

    Jah's "Organizational Chart"

    Watchtower, April 15, 2013, p. 29

    Notice Jesus doesn't even show up anywhere!

  • infernosdante

    i agree its about controling more people and their money

  • Londo111

    Since the Governing Body is the Slave, one’s spiritual health and relationship with God is dependent on recognizing this one Channel. Believe on the Governing Body and ye shall be saved!

  • Ding

    The WTS being Jehovah's "chosen channel" is probably the most important doctrine of the whole religion.

    Everything else flows from that.

    That's why JWs are so willing to accept "new light" and see false prophecies as mere "failed expectations."

    It also explains a major hold the GB has even on dissatisfied JWs -- their being convinced that there is nowhere else for them to go.

  • clarity

    Welcome Infirno nice to see you here!


  • fakesmile

    "if" is the middle word in life. if i had married her or if i would have just stayed home that day. i have found solace in looking foreward and not backwards.

    but also, what "if" you can be a catalyst of change?

  • sarahsmile

    Wew Obeliett

    I was so busy looking at the flying 144,000 then I scrolled back up and noticed what you said. Then I realized those two white flying angels are not the 144,000, they are Jesus in his angelic forms; Michael and the other angels,or the fallen angel. They really think they pulled a fast one!

    Maybe I am wrong because I see another group behind earth which looks like 144,000. Lol Lol bet that is not in the study portion of that WT.

    Thanks for posting that picture it is the first thing I looked at the heavenly spirits.

    Good one! LOL LOL

  • punkofnice

    Only if 'Jehovah's Proclaimers' gave all their cash to the WBT$ would there be concord between them.

    The WBT$ is after all, just a big corrupt corporation seeking money and power (and little boys) for the Governing Body.

    Nothing more. It's all about keeping the corporation going despite the pain and death of it's members.

    The WBT$ would probably try a lawsuit as their trademark name 'Jehovah(TM)' is being used.

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