It's a small world

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  • Blttex

    I've heard that said many times when talking to witnesses. I've even used it a few times myself. I always took it as a good thing. Essentially that you can go anywhere in the world and meet brothers and sisters. Or meet people who have friends in common etc. lately I've started to change my viewpoint of the " small world " saying. I still agree that the witness world is small, in many ways. Small minded, small in numbers, small in faith. It grows smaller and smaller by the day as I explore my large new world. There are so many things to enjoy and learn about in the normal world if you have an open mind and resist the temptation to pit groups against groups and realize that there are good and bad in every situation. It's focusing on the good and thanking god for it that strengthens our hearts and minds as well as increases our faith in jehovah. Leave the small world stuff to Disney. Come out and enjoy the real world. The one jehovah created!

  • prologos

    right, when going to disney, get a window seat in the back of the plane on the shady side, ignore the screen in front of you, look at the marvels outside.

    when in orlando, head east, see the space center, go surfing in cocoa beach. same if you go to anaheim CA

    small wt world, defined by dummer and dummer literature.

    a very small segment of humanity,

    very very small segment of its knowledge pool and shrinking.

    free your self

    You can't fly like an eagle

    when you are surrounded by turkeys.

    no offence to the animals or citizen of the middle east intendet.

  • zeb

    hmm "meet brothers and sisters.." and the minute you do they start on the bloodlines. Do you know fred and jill from the whereevr congregation they etc.. she is related to.. etc it used to drive me nuts! No one counts as anything unless their lineage can be established... aaarrgh!

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I disagree with pro, head to the west coast from Orlando, and swim with the manatees.


  • prologos

    There are manatees on the east coast too, south of Cocoa on AIA at Sebastian inlet.

    no good surfing waves on the FL west except when Katrina and Co.pass.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The nature I enjoy didn't require gods of any culture to invent, design, create, etc. and was here long before the gods of Middle Eastern tribes.

    'Jehovah', was invented by a Catholic monk in the 1700s. That just makes him a creation of us humans, not us a creation of his.

    The 'small world' That JW's find themselves in, where they find 'friends' in every continent, is the creation of humans with technology that humans created. Constantly remind them of that. My ancestors took months and years to circle the globe. Jumping on a plane to go back to the country of your birth on the other side of the planet is a blessing of mankind's efforts, not Jebooboo's rusty chariot.

  • steve2

    If your map during your travels is oriented to the nearest kingdom hall, of course the world will seem very small. But if you travel the world as an explorer, the world opening up before you will be absolutely huge and beyond what you ever believed it was as a blinkered kingdom hall traveller. Small world indeed.

  • TotallyADD

    I say ban FL altogether. It's my way of protest against the new law the FL govt is trying to pass or have that business don't have to give paid sick leave. I lived in FL for many years. FL can care less about their workers and are all for big banks and the big Mouse. Totally ADD

  • Oubliette

    Bittex, well said!

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