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  • TD

    Out of curiosity today I “stole” a page from JT’s book.

    I printed Wednesday’s Toronto Star article on the Calgary situation and showed it to some coworkers. With no coaching or explanation of my own personal feelings, these were their reactions:

    Syd: Age 52: Engineer

    “That’s the most miserable thing I’ve ever heard! Do those expletives want the child to die”

    Harsha: Age 23: Tech
    “I think the judge made the right decision.”

    Susan: Age 21?: Tech
    ---sighs--- “And they wonder why people call them a cult.”

    Ravinder: Age 48?: CNC Programmer
    “Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable”

    Paul: Age 41: Purchasing: (--wife is a JW)
    “That’s scary. They can be nuts. I can see myself in that situation.”

    Janice: Age 26?: Office Manager
    “You know, I’ve never understood why some many people hate the “Jehovah’s” until now. I’m sure as hell never taking their magazine again.”

    April: Age 19: Receptionist
    “If the mother tampered with the lines, she should be in jail.”

    Phil: Age 31: Project Manager
    Expletives! All I can say is it’s a damn good thing for them that’s not my kid…….”

    Richard: Age 61?: IT Administrator


    Bill: Age 43: General Manager
    “My father died of leukemia. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if that was my child.”

    Admittedly this was a small group, but I didn't even get so much as one favorable reaction.
  • Celia

    Great idea, show real life cases and stories to co-workers or neighbors. They sure will have interesting questions or remarks for the next JWs who knock on their doors !

  • Francois

    This case was discussed today on the Sean Hannity program. What it boiled down to for Sean was that the constitution guarantees your right to join a cult if you want to.



  • dobby

    This is so awesome.

    Recently sat down with a co-worker and gave her the run down. All of the things we can't do and why, just to see what she would say, without quoting scriptures or trying to sugarcoat or rationalize.

    Her face said it all - complete amazement and disgust. Most people really have no clue. Her response was quite validating to my inner voice that keeps reminding me of how WRONG it all is.

  • JT

    is it not amazing when you see a nonjw read some info and due to not having been brainwashed with FDS dogma they are able to instantly
    see the GOOFYNESS of wt teachings

    yet we see here daily long time jw shown facts, after facts on wt error and goofy and foolish dogmas

    and they still walk away saying

    Yes the wt has gottten wrong , lies and tried to get over, but IT IS STILL THE TRUTH

    you got to love the power of High Control Groups

    i'm glade that you got a first hand exp with nonjw and in showing them the jw mindset in full swing

    most can't believe it

    in fact most of us here have stated over and over

    How in the world could i have been apart of such a group

    did i look and sound that foolish in my attempts to defend the wt when we were in the org

    yep we looked just as foolish

    freedom is a wonderful thing is all i got to say


  • dobby

    goofy, foolish AND Dangerous. It's scary that at one time we didn't see it that way...

    at least I didn't.

    The funny thing, is that it was the ban on blood that first made me question. Couldn't imagine not giving blood to my child in need.

    Freedom is great!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I started a new job this week. I rotate in 3 different offices and at one of them a client and staff person were talking about the Calgary family and JWs. I never said a word - just listened. They were both disgusted that a religion could convince people to let their children die. One of them used the word "cult" and said the JWs were no different than Jim Jones or Waco.

    As more publicity is out there fewer people should be attracted to groups like this. No wonder the borg is working on a public relations strategy - they desperately need it

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