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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    AJWRB has been in touch with the Canadian JW father, whose daughter has Leukemia. We have also had a discussion with his attorney – Bob Calvert. Legal costs to fight the Watchtower Society are mounting and another appeal may be in the works. This is a situation where assistance is needed to carry on this important legal battle. We are asking that AJWRB supporters make their donation payable to: “Save My Daughter”

    Donations should be mailed to:

    Box 20161,
    Calgary Place R.P.O.,
    Calgary Alberta T2P 4J2

    Thank you for continued support.

  • Flip

    Thanks for the validation LE.

    I imagine my donation can't compare with the bales of money the WTBTS is forking over. But at least mine will keep Bob Calvert in yellow writing pads for a month.



    RANDYs thread regarding this was deleted why??

  • Angharad

    Randy requested that it be deleted for legal reasons.

  • Scully

    It's very important to remember that under Canadian law, the names of this young woman and her family cannot be disclosed in the public domain, because she is a child ward of the Province of Alberta for the duration of her medical treatment, and likely will continue to be for quite some time as she has a dozen or more transfusions to undergo. If anyone becomes aware of this gentleman's name via private communication, please do not disclose his name here on the forum or anywhere that might be considered to be "public domain".

    News organizations have been subjected to heavy fines for disclosing this kind of confidential information, and I would hate to see anyone here or Simon and getting in trouble for ignoring the court order. It's already bad enough to know that the girl's own mother - a JW - has been running interference and trying to tamper with the girl's IV line while a blood transfusion was being administered.

    **The other thing that can happen, in the case of an online disclosure of this private information, is that the court can levy the fine against the FATHER, who is the person we are trying so hard to help. Let's not do anything that can cause any more trouble for him.

    The WTS was previously, in another case, subjected to fines for an infraction of this nature, and I think they would love nothing more than to see "apostates" get into trouble, and would dearly LOVE to point out any infractions to the court.


    Please, let's not add to the stress of the situation for this man and his daughter.

    Love, Scully

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  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    Thanks for the info Lee; consider it done.

  • anewperson

    Good! Have you put this up prominently on the opening page of your websites and emailed to your egroups, folks? Please let's all do so and ask that others also do so.

  • Scully


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