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  • Tammie

    Since I stopped being a JW, I have lost all interest on searching my family genealogy. I guess it is because a certain % are JWs. Any way I was going through my files this evening and came across some papers. This particular branch of the family was the ones who brought my mom into the the JW cult. Now I have had not contact with my mom since she learned of my dissociation (8 months ago). Tonight I was going to send her those papers. I had got them in an envelope, addressed, and stamped. The envelope sat on my desk less than 1/2 hour. Then this anger just started boiling inside. I took the envelope and tore it to shreds. I am still aggravated, but I am calming down some. I don't know if I am angry at my mom, or that cousin who got my mom to be a JW.

  • Prisca


    Thought you could do with a hug

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