Ever witnesses to a Celebrity?

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  • ThiChi

    Ever witnesses to a Celebrity?

    In the 70's I remember working LAx airport with my sister. We were holding up the WT & AW when Mohammad Ali (The Boxer) came around the corner. We looked up at him, in shock. He grabbed my sister’s Awake and singed the back of the magazine and handed it back to her! We proudly showed his signature to others at the Hall that Sunday....we got counseled for giving a “poor witness” and not giving him the magazine.....hell, we were only teenagers.....

    In college we had to write to a Government Official about a concern we had as part of a project for Political Science. Being a good JW (even though I was attending college–did get some heat for it), I sent one of those JW brochures about war to President Reagan. I got a response thanking me for my views. I can’t tell if his signature was handwritten or printed (most likely printed).

    If only I knew what I know now...........

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    Miss Piggy is a Witness!

    She was baptized in 1989, and promptly shrunk.

  • LDH

    Yes, to Lisa Lisa from "cult jam" fame. LOL and the "cult jam" guys.


    My parents went to some wacky concert about seven years ago, you know one of these old dudes, like a Perry Como wannabe, and my mom went armed with a Live Forever book.

    Later she told us about how they were in the front row and right after the concert she got up to hand him the book. Apparently, the spotlight shone on them and in my mom's words, "The gold lettering lit up for all the audience to see!"


    I feel bad for laughing. Not really.


  • JBean

    Yes... the area I live in is "littered" with the famous... but I can't name names 'cos that would give me away to any JW lurkers here who might know me. (I told some witnessing stories many times to my friends!!) Sorry. When I'm finally, fully "out", I'll be sure to revisit this (and many other!) threads to give a proper response. The majority of reactions I got from the famous, now that I think of it, were those of "pity". Kind of like... oh, aren't you sweet and harmless... now please remove yourself from my doorstep.

  • Scully

    When I was 21 and lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I called on the home of Denny Doherty who was formerly a member of The Mamas and Papas. My service partner recognized him and asked "Aren't you Denny Doherty?" and he said "Yes". I think he only took the magazines because she recognized him.

    Love, Scully

  • Kenneson

    When Maya Angelou, the famous black poetess, came to speak at the local university, the auditorium was so packed that the rest of us (several more hundreds) could not even enter and were forced to sit
    on the grounds outdoors. Special loudspeakers had been rigged for the occasion. She was great! But I didn't even get to see her.
    And that was sort of disappointing.

  • Mulan

    We had a few celebrities in our territory. I had a regular magazine call on one of the Seattle Sonics,..........cannot recall his name. Brian something. They were building their house, when I went there the first time. Eventually there was a locked gate, but they always let me in.

    Another time, I was going door to door, and found this great house, back in the woods, with band equipment, in boxes all over the huge porch. It was the home of the drummer for Nancy and Ann Wilson's band, Heart. Nice guy.....also took the mags.

    My mother, who always had six or seven Bible studies going at a time, had a regular study with one of the news anchor men, on KING TV in Seattle. He moved to Chicago I think, and that was that.

    When the District Convention was in Seattle, in 1965, we were on the Seattle Center grounds during the break. We took our young son on the Carousel, and standing next to me, with his little girl, was Telly Savales. He was in town making a movie (The Slender Thread). He was kind of aloof, but smiled when I told him he looked familiar. He didn't tell me who he was, but I knew anyway.........was just trying to make conversation. I didn't witness to him.

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

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