Was not reading the full letter out on funding a bad idea

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  • joe134cd

    Other threads have touched on this, but I think it deserves its own thread. I just wonder if not having clearly explained to the R&F that yes any outstanding debt had been cleared but the elders no it hadn't was a good idea. I would get the impression (with out knowing part 2 of the letter) that Wt wasn't in need of the money, so all was good. So why donate more. I wonder if it had been explained as new way of debt repayment weather this would of made a difference.

  • prologos
    was it not well explained on the other threads that they did not forgive the mortgages out of the goodness of their hearts, but it was a legal maneuver to avoid being classed as a financial institution? like the counting, reporting of "field service time" is to prove that wt is doing "charitable works"? and the eliminating of the "contributions" for literature at the counter and at the doors was to avoid paying taxes, after adverse judgements against other " pay for service" churches?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    No, it was a great idea - because liars, deceivers, and cheats often incriminate themselves thanks to their lack of intelligence & greed, and that's exactly what the charlatans in Brooklyn/Patterson/Wallkill have done!

    Unless the Org owes hundreds of mi££ion$ to some loan sharks or the mafia, then it must be awash with money from its worldwide sales of properties, its imposed "pledging" of donations worldwide, and its raiding of Kingdom Hall bank accounts, worldwide.

    The on-going money-grab will see the consolidation of poorly contributing congregations, which in turn will facilitate the selling off of Kingdom Halls, providing even more revenue.

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