Who is David Icke

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  • happy man
    happy man

    One of my sons are hunting me widh a bokk from Some David Icke, someone now what the messege is, wierd too me, but i dont understand so much it is on english.As I can see i will tel a story of evel cospiration on earth from a few peopel.
    Perhaps someone here can help mee.

  • Kenneson

    Happy Man:
    He has his own website:


  • Thirdson

    David Icke is a former professional soccer player and sports show anchor for the BBC. He joined the Green Party in the UK and became a leading spokesman for the party. He then abruptly announced he was the son of God and became easy fodder for the tabloid press and has been the butt of new-age jokes ever since. He never regained his reputation as serious thinker or advocate of political opinion and most people think is a crackpot. At least I do.


  • Simon

    I concurr ... he's nuts.

    Mind you, I do seem to recall a recent interview where he kind of admitted he lost it a bit and was "a bit confused"

  • SixofNine

    Pastor Russell was the antitypical David Icke.

    At the front of his website is the statement, "What you are about to read is nothing less than the absolute truth" or substance thereof.

  • ISP

    He was a sports presenter for the BBC. He is a complete head case. Believes the US president is a reptile alien..........hmmm


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