One of my Elders was a Flasher.

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  • sleepy

    I don't know whether its good to spread stories regarding individual cases of perverts in the congregation.
    But this case shows to me that you just can not tell very easily who is likely to be a pervert or not , even if are elders in the congregation.
    This particular elder was very prominent in our area and was a regular pioneer for some time.I belive he also served on the hospital liaison committe.
    One day it just appears in the local Newspaper "****** has been charged with flashing in a public park" I believe young girls were the victims , though I cant remmeber.
    It was only when this appeared in the newspaper that he confessed his crime to the Elders, well he couldn't hide it now could he?
    Even though he had been caught and charged and then taken to court , a process that most have teken many months , he had not confessed and continued serving as an elder and on the hospital team.
    No one could believe he could actually do this , yet he admited his guilt in court.
    Just goes to show , that in this so called clean organistaion there could be many more covering up their crimes.
    (In my area also two brothers were covicted with rape and jailed)

    So if anyone thinks that in general Jehovahs witness are better than normal people, well I know a flasher and two rapists, there are plenty of "good" associations in Gods organisation.

  • target

    Flashing can be dangerous. This is from this mornings paper:

    Girl grabs flasher's zipper - and yanks up

    Associated Press
    April 04, 2002 08:02:00

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - A 12-year-old girl confronted by a flasher in a Virginia hotel elevator this week came to her own defense - she grabbed his zipper and yanked up.

    Investigators believe the youngster's quick thinking will help them find the suspect.

    Police spokesman Mike Carey says the incident happened in an elevator at a Virginia Beach lodge Monday night. He says the man was injured, and the girl ran out of the elevator and found her stepfather. The stepfather found the suspect running from the building, and the two men fought - but the suspect broke free and ran away.

    Carey says the suspect may have suffered injuries serious enough for him to seek medical treatment. If caught, he faces a felony charge of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

  • Amazing

    We once had a judicial case with a JW fellow who liked to masturbate while driving down the freeway ... but he didn't stop at that, he would push himself up in his seat so that other drivers could see his act.

    Looking back, and knowing other information about the fellow, I do not see him as necessarily a pervert, at least not entirely of his own making ... but also the JW system is very sexually repressed to a sick degree, and contributes greatly to the root of JW sexual extremes among their members ... an extreme that may well stabilize and normalize once the person leaves the religion, gets some therapy, and has a normal relationship in a wholesome environment.

  • teenyuck

    I like the zipper trick!!!

  • AMarie

    I'd say that 12 year old girl is one smart cookie. If I were confronted with that situation at her age, I would have been petrified.

    In the congregation I grew up in, my best friend's stepfather was disfellowshipped for about 6 months, so she had to stay at my house for slumber parties instead of me going to hers. After he was reinstated, I of course started staying at her house again (this was when I was 14 years old by the way). I noticed that he was a little bit flirtatious with me, but blew it off being the innocent naive child I was. It became extreme enough that she pulled me aside a few weeks later and notified me that he was previously disfellowshipped for some type of sexual indiscretion that occured with her young cousin (who was also our age).

    Even in an organization that "claims" to have Jehovah's blessing, you just aren't safe. I have to wonder why nobody told me or my mother before letting me stay there.


  • BluesBrother

    "Even in an organization that "claims" to have Jehovah's blessing, you just aren't safe. "

    You are right of course and no one can deny that these things occur. But lets not forget that there is a judicial system in place to hear cases and kick out such perverts. The trouble is catching them,without a confession .

    I am surprised, at the lenient six months before that molester was re instated, but not disbelieving it . I have known some very wide variations in time before re instatement

  • target



    WOW -- was there anything worthwhile to see or was the dude wasting everyone's time...LOL

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I've been flashed many times in my pioneer days. On one occasion (I'll never forget this...quite a learning experience) I went up to a door and there stood a man totally naked sporting all his glory! All I could do was laugh loudly, while my friend tried to yank me away. I'll never forget the confused and puzzled look on that mans face. I bet he could hear me laughin a block away. I too like the zipper idea, but there was a screed door between zipper.

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