JW 'too easy' ;-)

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    Max Divergent

    One funny thing, one interesting thing - Funny: Using jocular language to make a point, a visitor at our College meeting pointed at me as a marker (at random) and said '... to get a pass from you you heartless Methodist prick, you're so hard that you left the Jehovah's because they were too easy, a student has to...!!! :-)

    Worst thing was I couldn't tell anyone why that was so funny to me...!!! So I just had to post it!!! Left the JW coz they were too soft for my liking!!! looking for more rigour and toughness!!!! AS IF!!! Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was funny :-)

    Kinda interesting: Lent over my neighbours fence on Sunday and he said (dosn't know I was JW): "Oh, you just missed the Jehovah's", BUT they never called at my place!

    Mmmm... the local elder/Special Pio was a student of mine (doing the Cisco Academy course) at memorial time last year (2001). I said I didn't think my wife would take up his invitation of a lift and wouldn't go... he never came to class again, and we've never had a JW call since!!! Are we now Do Not Call??? An act of mercy from a former student??? A professional curtosy of kinds???

    Oh well... there you go... flew over the Bungle Bungles today too... Truly spectacular. If you don't know what they are... well, you're missing out on one of the most spectacular land formations on earth, IMHO


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