Doctrinal Spring Cleaning

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  • berrygerry

    Loved this term used in a recent thread.

    With the WTS' realization/declaration that the Freddie Franz type/antitype mushroom era is over, questions remain for me over 2 remaining, primary teachings (without even mentioning the Daniel and Revelation ones).

    Can someone play apologist and explain:

    1. Why can the Faithful Slave be defended as what the WTS explains this verse to be?

    2. How in the heck can the chariot in Ezekiel be explained away as "Jehovah's earthly organization?"

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Not sure what you're getting at but I'll throw my 2 cents in.

    The complete removal of the type/anti-type doctrine would chop off the legs of their 1914 doctrine (In whatever form) since it was to be a greater secondary fulfillment of the prophecy about Nebuchadnezzar's downfall for '7 years'.

  • berrygerry

    From JW . Borg:

    “Types and Antitypes.”

    Brother Splane delivered this talk, which explained why in recent years our publications have not discussed types and antitypes as much as they once did.

    In the past, many faithful men and women mentioned in the Bible were said to foreshadow groups of faithful Christians in our time. Likewise, a number of Bible accounts were thought to be prophetic of events involving God’s modern-day servants. Admittedly, it can be fascinating to study such comparisons. Why, then, have our recent publications seldom mentioned types and antitypes?

    The Scriptures indicate that some characters and events foreshadowed someone or something greater. Where the Bible makes a clear connection between a type and an antitype, we gladly accept it. “But where the Bible is silent, we must be silent,” said Brother Splane. We should avoid reading too much into an account.

    In no way whatsoever does Ezekiel 1 intimate that his vision was of " a chariot." What is the "clear connection" of this vision to that which is used every bloody week, as that of Jehovah's chariot, which is explained as being his earthly organization?

  • prologos

    I can see us old fogies snickered at because after all, we ate up that stuff and gave it credence by "studying"tm it, adding meat to the bones so to speak.

    The jerky movement of wt and it's doctrines is well pictured (sorry old habits die hard) by the instant right angle turns the wheels would allow, and the double faced, quadruple faced creatures. Good thing the creator separates himself from all that by a solid glass ceiling/floor.

  • Ruby456

    Jehovahs chariot is tacking into the wind, berrygone. It is clearly jehovahs earthly organisation because Jehovahs earthly organisation has made it clear. the scripture itself does not need to be clear. can't you see it clearly???

    prologos, isn't it true that most JWs privately and instinctively view Jehovah as you are suggesting. well I did anyway - I used to pray to a vision of a clear night or day sky far from the twists and turns of life on the earth.

  • CloseTheDoor

    I know some of the old timers who will never abandon the types/anti-types information from times past just because the Org has now scrapped it. It will die with the old timers and the younger generations will know nothing about it. If it is brought up years down the road by someone who does remember, the young will look at them as if they're crazy.

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