Can Jehovahs witnesses do any thing good?

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  • sleepy

    With the amount of things we can find wrong with the Jehovahs witness organisation I feel I must ask , did we do any thing good as witnesses?

    I was helped to be more honest and caring by the information in the magazines, would I have changed other wise , I don't know?
    So some good is done , but on a minor scale .
    But is this information printed about Honesty morals etc,done out of concern that we should be better people , or concern that we should obey the rules of the organisation?
    It probably depends on who wrote it, I guess.

    I really belive that the majority of ordinary witnesses are just trying to do what they think is right.But that following the leaders , who claim higher authority is what causes things to go wrong.

    I believe though that most of what is writen is done by sincere people who belive they have the truth.But sincereity is not enought.
    People need to take responsabilty for their thinking and actions.I just can not understand why so many are disinterested in learning for themselves and just want to be told what to do.

    Maybe that is one of the problems. People may sincerely want to do what is right , but do not trust themselves to make the right desicions.Or maybe we have an inbuilt desire to look up to other people and follow them.
    Maybe this go's back to animal insticts. Following the leader of the pack. Maybe some just havent lost this desire.

    I've sort of wandered off subject here.Oh well.

  • teenyuck

    They can clean well! Windows and office space seem to be a specialty!

  • b_ster

    I did the office cleaning thing for awhile while I was still JW... But I was let get 'cause
    I didn't do a very good job...

    Now I am a C programmer... (under QNX!)

  • rekless

    the individual person in whole are nice people. It is when they try to be super fine aposels and become brain dead that they become assholes.

    Hell is truth seen too late. H.G.Adams

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