Outsider describes JW meetings brilliantly.....

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  • TheApostleAK

    JeshuaInMeAlways said:

    I went to a memorial one time with a friend of mine. No one in the memorial was smiling, or showed any signs of joy. It seemed that everyone was simply going through the motions of passing the bread and the wine. And the format was much the same as was stated in earlier posts. The elder giving the talk said something like, "Jehova did not intend all to partake. Only those that he deems worthy. Those that do partake who are not of the chosen 144,000 will surely be punished..."
    Sounds like ALL JW meetings not just the Memorial.

    From Alan

  • rekless

    Yes, our God is vingful , he punishes for everything, he really has no time for love, you know this is an evil world and not one person deserves his loving kindness. Everything is linked to his undeserved kindness...dang, and I still love my JW daughter that refuses to recognize that I am alive...uuuum, is there something wrong with this picture.

    Hell is truth seen too late. H.G.Adams

  • ThiChi

    Well, I would not blame this one on God. In the Jws less than one percent of their membership shares this most important blessing. I would be sad too......

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