Watchtower has good advice!!

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  • sleepy

    This good advice from the watchtower has served me well,
    "By their fruits you will recognize them"

    So the first thing I always check for in a woman is her Melons.
    A nice firm pair is always a good sign.

  • SYN

    OH YEAH!

    I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do!
    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate, Africa

  • ISP
    ISP out for gel-bras!


  • Francois

    I suppose that works for guys, too? Of course, it's hard to judge the size of a guy's banana when he's all dressed up tho'

    OR is there some secret technique the gals use? What about it gals? Is there some way you can guage a guy's love muscle with any accuracy? I've heard thumb size is a good indicator.

    Come on gals, 'fess up. What's the technique?


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Francois, is it really the size or the motion in the ocean? Solomon did say, 'Let her breasts intoxicate you.' Do you think he knew what he was talking about, a man of 300 hundred wives and 700 concubines?

    Guest 77

  • D8TA

    Okay...I'm an X-JW. There's a lotta X-JW's here. But this crossed my mind and I dont mean it to be offensive...because, um, er, it is.

    But "by their :::FRUITS:: you will recognize them".
    The "fruits" part. The old reference to wacky-wiggy-kinda-crazy "fruits". NOT the reference to fruits=gay (70's term?).

    So on the wacky-wiggy-kinda-crazy "fruits", there it is. By their FRUITS you will recognize them.


  • Xena

    Hate to disappoint you guys, and I don't know about any other women, but my eyes are not instantly draw downward to a man's crouch to assess his size.

    I usually notice shoulders first...I like a man with a nice pair of shoulders...then eyes (not color so much as how they look at me)..lips (full, firm and not chapped)...teeth (white, straight and all there)...and of course as he is turning away....then my eyes may stray downward a firm round tushie...

    If I find a man attractive and enjoy his company...whatever size he is...will be just fine with me!

  • Francois

    Guest77, that is precisely the question. Sort of.

    I wanna know if the gals have some technique of estimating a guy's size. I mean guys have all sorts of ways they think they can estimate various female components. And I'd like to know about the gals and how they make their estimates.

    And I would have to say that I personally believe it IS the motion of the ocean. Actually, I think it's all wrapped up in how you FEEL about the person you're with. If you are in love with them, ALL BETS are off on all measurements of any kind.


  • Xena

    Gee I never expected this one to die that quick...

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