JWs suck

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  • new22day

    Sorry for the inflammatory header but JWs suck. They live a lie and live in a self-imposed bubble judging 'worldlys' as less than. Fine if they want to be in a cult and judge fellow cult members but if they are going to step outside that cult and live among worldlys than they need need to follow the moral compass of society and be held to those standards. In my experience Jw standards are low compared to most people.

  • free2beme

    Some may suck though... love u long time!!!

  • new22day

    Hey thx for the love free2beme lol - I'm grumpy and need a little virtual love me long time. ;)

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    With JWs RULES trump PRINCIPLES.

  • spirituk

    jws suck because not only they live fanatically in their lie and think that they are superior than wordly people but the worst part of their sorry lives is that they socializing with wordly people in so close relationships and afterwards their ''consiousness'' kicks in and they leave ,finding shelter to their WTS .They affect ordinary people's lives .This got to stop .If they want to live a fantasy in their man made society thats alright .BUT please ,JWS stop dragging to your sh**t hole innocent people that are our loved ones.Stop hypocrisy ,go live in an island only of you since u consider our world a mess.You all are victims of brainwashed techniques and tricks of the human mind.Understand it and accept it.You see on your own that you cant cope to your standards.exactly ,because they are wrong.You want to live with us but your fantasies stops you.There is nothing after death ,not gods nor anything .. trillions of people died before us ,wasted to nothing..the only thing we have is our life to live it independantly and free of any boundries mental or physical.

  • new22day

    Hear, hear Spirtuk - JDubs go live on your own island and leave the corrupt "worldlies" in peace. Who needs the corrupt mind f*ck from these peeps? JWs - grab a BRAIN, and a conscience while you're at it. I'm so sick of the hypocricy of these people (and double speak BS!!!).

    Giant sigh - right now, I'm sick of the jdubs in my life.

  • spirituk

    new22day you have personal message

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell
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  • ABibleStudent

    Hi new22day, I'm sorry that you are having a down day. Go out and meet some new non-JW friends doing something that you like to do!

    The WTBTS sucks because it is a cult and victimizes JWs. All JWs are victimized even the A$$hole$ by the WTBTS and its leaders. It is an unfortunate by-product of the WTBTS's BITE control indoctrination that helps create JWs who gossip about and shun other JWs and ex-JWs.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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