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  • Scorpion

    I have two Bible studies at present. One of these is an XMormon. He has been out of the LDS for over a year now. I have been studying with him for four months now. He refused to study out of any of the WT pubications. He said he would study only on the conditions that we use the Bible alone without any aids. To tell you the truth, it has been the best Bible study I have had in my 7 years as a Witness. I usually develope a topic and we study about it. Many times he wants to talk about things he has had problems understanding. These studies take up to two hours at times. I have noticed that when I do take another from my congregation to these studies, they always have a great time.

    Tonight we talked a bit about what the Mormon church taught. I was surprised to learn that the LDS church looked at his tax returns each year so as to make sure he was paying the 10% tithe the church requires. We were on the subject of Michael the Archangel and he said that Brigham Young the second prophet of the LDS church taught that Adam was God. Young taught that Adam was Michael the Archangel, the Ancient of Days. He said this could be found in Journal of Discourses, volume 1, pp 50-51. JD is a 26 volume set

  • Scorpion

    OOPPPS! Don't know how I did that.

    Any way, JD is 26 volumes of books that have collections of talks by early LDS church leaders and what they taught and talked about at conventions and so forth. My study said that this doctrine was reversed by a recent president Spencer Kimball and labeled the Adam-God doctrine as false teaching.

    The more I talk with him, the more I can see that the Mormon church (LDS) is a study of continuing, conflicting, contradicting revelation.

    I got a good laugh when he was explaaining how Brigham Young taught that six foot moon dwellers dressed like quakers resided on the moon and the sun. He said Joseph Smith (founder and first prophet) started this nonesense. THis was also in JD Volume 13. I can't believe anyone would fall for such nonsense.

  • waiting

    I've run into Mormons in service - and I'd cringe everytime. They could talk circles around me and they and I knew it.

    I've never understood their religion - at all. However, in several books on cults, Mormons are listed right in there with Jehovah's Witnesses. Hope your study goes well.

    There really is a great feeling studying the Bible, and actually discussing it. Makes you work hard, doesn't it. I hope so, because I had one like that - and prepared harder for that study than any meeting. The study did not come into the organization - but I really enjoyed my time with that woman - she made me think.

  • Seven

    SC and waiting, I can't for the life of me get a handle on what the Mormons actually believe. Two very handsome young Mormons stopped by one afternoon[I thought this must be my lucky day]and left me a copy of their Book of Mormon. With all the talk of metal plates in a stone box, Moroni, stones in silver bows-I don't thinks so.
    I have been doing some research on the history of the English Bible and found a very helpful site: if any of you are interested. It contains every available translation except for ours of course.

  • RedhorseWoman

    My nephew had joined the Mormon church for awhile. He had been brought up as a JW, then switched to Baptist, then Mormonism, then back to JW, then Baptist, a little Episcopalian....and he has settled on Druidism.

    The Mormon experience was pretty bizaare, though.

  • Scorpion


    I bet your nephew has a personality disorder with all the religions he has been in.


    I had that link you posted already bookmarked. Thanks though.


    I agree with you that getting one to think including ourselves is what God intends for us.

    BTW, if any of you are interested, I can post more about what the Mormons believe. It might help you by showing the contradictions in the LDS faith so you will have something to ask the Mormons the next time they call on you. You will also get a good laugh.

  • Frenchy

    I had a run in with Mormons several years ago. We had a group discussion. Me on one side and four of them on the other. I can tell you right off you have nothing to fear from their 'knowledge' of the Bible. Two of those guys were 'elders' and addressed themselves as so. It was my experience there that they knew precious little of the Bible but I got the impression that they knew a whole lot about theirdoctrine and that they had a lotof literature to read.

    Our agreement to the discussion had been to stay strictly with the Bible and I had a lot of fun. I'm not saying they're alllike that, but those four knew very little.

  • waiting

    Gee, Frenchy,

    Isn't that like a whole lot of JW's? Don't know how to go into the Bible in depth - but know a whole lot about our religious materials?

    In fact, a lot of religious people?

  • Jethro

    If JWs, Mormans, Catholics, or SDAs want to really find and know the truth about God, Jesus, heaven and hell all they have to do is read the Bible (particularly the NT) with an unbiased, teachable and humble heart.

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