Defacing Watchtower materials

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  • Ephanyminitas

    Hey, folks. Just curious: did any of you ever deface your magazines? I had a friend growing up in the congregation and, kids that we were, we'd snap up our new Watchtowers and Awakes and we'd draw our own captions for the pictures, usually with hilarious results. (This would get us in trouble during the WT study!) We'd also, of course, draw moustaches and silly glasses. Boy, haven't done THAT in a while. ;-)

  • mole

    You bet!! Back in the '70's my brother and my best friend at the hall used to make captions and doctor the pictures. We would get to laughing so hard we would have to get up and go to the bathroom to regain our composure. We would get the looks that kill from some of the ministerial servants. We actually had a running series in the watchtower mag every sunday featuring "Lucy Todd" the young witness lad.

  • Dutchie

    My parents would have killed me for doing such a thing! You guys must have had truly lenient parents. Or didn't they know what you were doing?

  • ChiChiMama

    I could never do something like this when I was a kid because of my strict parents but my husband and I have enjoyed many years together drawing cartoons and captions in the magazines.

    This entertained us through many a meeting.


  • rhett

    What else was their to do besides dream about sex with various sisters? I never got so cracked up I had to leave my seat though.
    I did actually have to go outside one time though when I was sitting with my friend Ken and he got that paper telling you what bible reading you had to do. As it turns out they gave that part of Song of Soloman that included the part where they're talking about "What shall we do? Our sister has no breasts" to the most quiet and shy person in the entire hall who just so happened to be a teenage boy in high school. The very thought of him having to read that was enough to make me have to leave my seat laughing. Even after one of the elders "encouraged" me to go back to my seat and let me know it just wasn't that funny I still couldn't do it and ended up having to go outside and laugh my ass off until the end of the meeting.

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  • LizardSnot

    I never messed with the illustrations on the Watchtower...was too afraid of getting caught....but I remember this friend of mine that drew a very complex topographical battle scene on one of the maps in the front of his NWT. The funny thing was that he wasnt even trying to hide it. I LMAO!

  • Ephanyminitas
    My parents would have killed me for doing such a thing! You guys must have had truly lenient parents. Or didn't they know what you were doing?

    Well, my friend's parents knew, but they were lenient in the sense that they didn't really care. They'd only say something occasionally and often for appearance's sake. We didn't dare do it with MY parents around though. My mother could've looked at us and killed us on the spot. (Perhaps the ground would've opened up and swallowed us!)

    Rhett: :-D

  • razorMind

    My sister defaced a couple in the laundromat just last weekend.

    She has been DF'd for almost 10 years and we still have some very serious family issues. In a fit of rage, she ripped the Awake! to shreds, and wrote "THE WT IS A CULT" and "SILENTLAMBS.COM" on almost every page of the Watchtower. She then tacked the WT onto the bulletin board.

  • Elsewhere

    My sister and I liked to hold a small mirror halfway over a person's face in the magazines... It would make all kinds of hilarious faces!

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  • SYN

    You know you're in a sad cult when you have to deface it's literature for amusement!

    I would 'modify' all the cool paintings in the Revelation book, and add my own extra captions to them, for instance, the one where the Harlot rides the 7-headed beast would get a caption like "This is what happens when you give your cat too much whiskey"

    I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do!
    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate, Africa

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