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  • freemindfade

    The whole meeting for me was nauseating yesterday... the talk was on "science".. nuff said... then the watchtower, they are just spinning in circles patting themselves on the back lately it seems, but this is one thing that really stuck out to me.

    I heard the comment multiple times about how the 2013 version of NWT made things "easier to understand" "simpler" and so on. This has been one of my main beefs with YHWH and his book. This is supposedly the tool for mankind to all live or die based on whether or not they:

    1. Understand it
    2. Believe it

    Why would something of that magnitude need, simplifying, or made more understandable. The truth should be f%$#ing simple, end of story. Salvation, love, morality should be plain and simple to begin with, and not some cryptic books taken out of a much greater library of books, then reduced down, then massaged every century to make it more "cohesive" or appear to be somewhat cohesive through indoctrination in a religion (even though its really anything but).

    Why does the word of God need help from men? If god wanted everyone to be able to understand, and believe something, he would have done a hell of a lot better job than this book

  • sowhatnow

    my mom says to me, when i tell her the bible has been changed, "oh come on, you mean to tell me that God cant preserve his word? yor nuts God made sure his word was preserved" shes being sarcastic yet dumb.

    what ill tell her next time she says that is 'well apparently not since over the centuries its been 'simplified" so much by mankind because evidently were all too stupid to figure it out on our

  • freemindfade

    One of my favorites is their changing the phrase "mental regulating"... must have sounded too... culty?

  • My Name is of No Consequence
  • 88JM
    Hang on - were you at the same kingdom hall as me? We had the talk on Science vs. God's "Wisdom" too!
  • freemindfade
    I don't believe that was the title, but it was science themed, or should I say "science"!
  • steve2

    I love it when people exclaim that the Witnesses have made the Bible understandable to them and then you ask them: Show me what the Bible says about 1914?

    Watch the mental gymnastics begin. Unlike earlier more studious generations of Witnesses, most JWs simply cannot explain it. They will go away and later hand you a book that they claim will explain it. You mean that's how understandable they've made the Bible??

    Or turn to Revelation and read out any few verses and ask, How understandable is that to you?

    Clearly, anyone who asserts that the JWs have made the Bible understandable simply reveals how few active brain cells they have. On that ground alone - few active brain cells - they are sitting ducks for the Witnesses' - and indeed, any Bible believer's explanations of Scripture.

  • Floodguy
    I couldn't help but notice that where the old translation had words in brackets inserted, to help "better understand", the new version has left out the brackets, making it look like the inserts were original. It's a version that seems all about supporting their own ideas, instead of letting scripture speak for itself.
  • _Morpheus
    @sowhatnow- next time your mom says 'god can preserve and protect his word", please point out to her that SHE dosent believe god can protect or preserve his word eother. After all, the watchtower bible and tract society had to restore gods name in 7,000 place! If god was protecting and preserving his word such restorations would not have nessaey, would they?
  • PokerPlayerPhil
    In the 1960s-1990s we were told "The New World Translation was superior because it's a literal translation, not a thought translation that was subject to the authors(committees) bias, presuppositions(personal beliefs by slipping in their own opinions) and whims of each Bible translated!". The New World Translation was suppose to be free of Trinity, Immortal Soul and Hell Fire slants for the reader to make a conscious choice unhindered by scholars with agendas!

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