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  • Aaac

    I have gathered Ex JW experiences at http://medlem.tripodnet.nu/aaac/kokemuksia.html .

    There are almost 300 links to experiences. If you know of an experience that is not mentioned (especially that of yours), please e-mail me. Thank you in advance!

    [email protected]

    Your's Aaac Menning

  • TheStar

    What a great thing you have done compiling all those stories on a web page. I only read a couple but they really tugged at my heart and I could relate to them so well. I hope I can share my story sometime soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Gopher

    Thank you for this site. It's interesting to see posts from Freeminds, CAIC, and other places all together in one list!! This is quite valuable.

    -J.R., member, UADNA-MN
    (Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America - Minnesota division)

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  • ISP

    Interesting Site!


  • Simon

    That's very useful - I think the personal accounts are very powerful and convincing to a lot of people (often the harsh treatment of others is one of the first things that start people doubting).

    Reminds me that I really should do "our story" sometime soon ...

  • larc

    I am not done yet, but I have read the storys of people, I know, and they all matter to me, these include Dan Dystkra, Doug Checkets, Jim Penton, Randall Waters, and all others that choose to share their story.

  • rhett

    Cool idea. Personally, I left just because I thought the elders in my hall were a bunch of jerks but still believed most (though not all) of the doctrine. What first helped me realize what a load of crap it all is was reading personal experiences. I think those really speak a lot louder than sites that just list how the JW's interpretation (I know I probably just misspelled that didn't I?) of the bible isn't right.

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

  • dungbeetle

    I've never read Farkel's experience before..wow!!!!

    Hugs to everyone on that page...

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