Ideas for JW TV shows

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Since the WTS is now producing "public service" announcements, maybe they would be inclined to begin producing full length TV shows as a way to spread the good news of the destruction of 90% of humanity.

    As a public service, I offer this idea to the WTS "scanners" who monitor this site:

    "SURVIVOR - Dub Island"

    A collection of 30 JWs from various parts of the world are placed on a paradise island in the South Pacific and assigned to two "study groups." They have 112 hours of meetings to attend each week, and at the end of the week there is an "assembly" where they are gathered together to listen to an additional 4 hours of spiritually uplifting talks. A written review of the talks is taken and the "study group" whose representative gave the least memorable talk must hold a "judicial counsel" and arbitrarily select one of their members for stoning, then fabricate justification to support their choice. The entire study group must participate in the stoning to "benefit" from it. After the stoning, the group will engage in speculation about whether the stoned person will receive a resurrection.

    Sponsored by BEDROCK Sand and Gravel Co., "Where rocks is what we know best."

  • Dutchie

    I'd rather eat the bugs!

  • Elsewhere

    They could also have the "Unwanted study relay"... They have to find ways to trick other JWs into accepting an “honest hearted” but annoying student.

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