Hold your horses!!! Human being's are getting Dumber says study.

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  • jam

    Now I understand what is happening to the WT. Now

    I understand why my Grandparents , mom and dad was

    more intelligent then I. LOL

    Stanford University researcher Gerald Crabtree suggests

    that evolution is, in fact, making us dumber-and that human

    intelligence may have actually peaked before our hunter-gatherer

    predecessores left Africa.

    He also noted that the average Athenian from 1000 B.C.

    would rank among the smartest and most emotionally

    stable in today's society.

    Well dog gone, I thought my dumbness was due to my inability

    to comprehend. Hell it,s hereditary.

    So we can,t blame the borg for their dumb teaching.

  • slimboyfat

    I quite believe it!

    I have watched myself grow dumber over the last ten years alone, just as a small example.

  • Tater-T
  • skeeter1

    Idiocracy is a story of my family tree.

  • jam

    Tater-T: LMAO, so funny.

  • slimboyfat

    It's no joke, human devolution.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Maybe Kurt Vonnegut was right -- In his novel "Galapagos," after a nuclear holocaust, the few surviving humans devolve into furry seal-like creatures that return to the sea to catch fish.

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