Here's To Fanatics And Raising The Bar

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  • exwhyzee

    A fanatic is a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal for something. They take an activity,interest or belief and go beyond what would be considered normal or necessary by the majority of people.

    Having grown up as a JW and now having been away from it a few years, I better see how accustomed I had become to being involved with an organization run by fanatics of the religious variety. They took ones simple desire to do good and to live a Godly life or even just to keep God from killing you and then raised the bar so high that one never felt one was quite good enough to benefit from Jesus ransom sacrifice. The only way to do so, it seemed was to force oneself into the role of a fanatic,no matter how unnatural it was to do. In the JW world... if you're a worldly Ax're D @ A..... (D@A = D oomed at Armegeddon.) If you were given an opportunity to hear the message but didn't become a are (D@A ) If you did become a JW but didn't participate in enough theocratic activities are weak and disapproved of and not likely to have the spiritual fortitude to make it into the new other words, (D@A ) If you are regular in service but don't Pioneer, even though your circumstances would allow it, that makes you a "Token Witness" and you may be held responsible for the lives of all those you could have reached.... (D@A ) If you are a male, attending all the meetings and are raising you family in the truth, are capable but aren't reaching out for a position in the're not being "whole souled" but are "lukewarm" and we all know what happens to those who are lukewarm... (D@A ) If you attend the assembly but don't take are not paying "more than the usual attention." and likely wouldn't have the recall abilities to survive under test during the tribulation .... (D@A ) If you show up on Sunday without having studied the Watchtower are not showing appreciation for God's spiritual provisions and following the Societies recommendations. Why shoud God allow someone like you into the New System ... (D@A ) If you secretly think Christmas lights are are loving something detestable to Jehovah.... (D@A ) If you buy a two door car not practical for service, you aren't putting the kingdom interests first.... (D@A ) Anyway, you get the idea. No one ever tells you this stuff out loud , in fact they'd flatly deny it but everyone knows what is implied and they're all trying to prove to eachother and themselves that they are good enough. It's one thing after another...constant opportunities to go wrong. Looking back I realize how exhausted I was from always having to second guess every move I made to keep myself in harmony with their version of God's requirements. I realize that as a Witness, I was only as good as my last act of obedience. Nowadays I feel that if there is a God and if there is to be a New System or some other plan for mankind, there is no reason why I shouldn't be included in it. I'm not perfect but I love goodness and I'm doing the best I can and that's got to count for something.

  • Zordino

    Right On. Couldn't agree more.

  • clarity

    Great post exwhy ... there is always the "message", spinning

    in the brain of jw's.

    A high percentage, realistically do not believe they will

    'make it' ..... I think.


    The futility of it all is exhausting ... look around at

    them ..... & what you see is battle fatigue!


  • jam

    Having a zeal for Jehovah doesn,t sound as bad as,

    we are Fanatics for Jehovah. The word fanatic makes

    a person seem unbalance. But fanatics is the best description

    for most JW,s.

  • cobaltcupcake

    exwhyzee - You're right! Always implied, never spoken. It's in the back of every JW's mind.

  • LisaRose

    I actually never felt I would survive the big A. I never could meet the expectations of the organization. Still, I kept trying, hoping that somehow I would get to be good enough. I was so involved in feeling guilty, I didn't realize that the expectations were completely unrealistic. I thought there was something wrong with me.

  • Stubborn Disbeliever
    Stubborn Disbeliever

    Wow! So true. Geez

  • brinjen

    LisaRose that's exactly how I felt too. Great to be free of it hey?

  • smiddy

    exwhyzee , you have made a good point ,well put.


  • irondork

    While I was still fully indoctrinated, super loyal and energized, I would arrive back at the hotel after a day at a district convention feelling completely beat down, knowing there was no way I could ever measure up to that parade of super fine dubs I just saw on the platform. I knew I could never keep pace with the things they were encouraging us to do - ever more so as the day draws near.

    It would take a couple of weeks after the convention to settle down and get comfortable in my routine again before I was able to compartmentalize all that "encouragement" and realize I was doing my best. I would just have to accept the fact that my best would always be on the low side of the curve no matter how hard I tried.

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