Civil War Looming in US...

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  • sir82

    Yeah how'd that work out for Johnny Reb 150 years ago?

  • Bobcat

    Actually, there was a Russian analyst that predicted this by 2010. He was basing his prediction by paralleling events during the breakup of the USSR. He saw similar symptoms here (the US, that is - I keep forgetting this is the Internet).

    His ideas intrigued the Duma enough that they gave him time to explain his ideas. See article here.)

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    So now that it's 3 years past his prediction date, am I assume it happened invisably?

  • Bobcat

    Wha Happened:

    The Russian's time frame was off (obviously), but the reasons he based his prediction on were/are valid. Humans are human. And it can be expected that, given similar circumstances, they will react similarly.

    Gerald Celente has also been predicting civil strife in the US, for several years now. He likes pointing out that what we see happening in Greece can be expected soon in the US. Again, because he is expecting similar economic circumstances for the US.

    As with the Russian analyst, Celente's time predictions have been off, up till now. I reckon the US system is more resiliant that he or the Russian expected. Yet, their underlying economic views, that their predictions are based on, are sound. You can't keep spending yourself into debt and not expect bad consequences.

    On top of all this is the fact that people in general are much less community oriented that in the days of the great depression. That developed selfishness - a byproduct of the advanced commercialism of our day - does not bode well for US society if it were to face a major economic calamity.

    All the pieces for a civil war are there: A selfish, well armed, independent minded populace; An economy that is only one or two disasters away from collapsing; And a large international community that would love to see that happen to the US, and has some of the economic leverage to actually cause it. Fortunately, so far, they also are just as selfish, and do not want the collateral pain that they also would have to face.

  • TheListener

    Or we're not all as selfish and heartless as some would like to think.

  • Bobcat

    Or we're not all as selfish and heartless as some would like to think.

    Agreed. Not all.

    And maybe that has played a part in holding off large scale civil strife up to now.

    I'm also sure Greeks view themselves as decent, unselfish people. But as their economic world, and the things they had worked hard for began to crumble, the large scale riots began.

    The Rodney King episode from a few years back also shows that large scale civil disorder lies just under the surface. All the things that hold a civilisation together - from economic security, to peoples values and morals, to individual family strength - they are all frayed.

    I hope there isn't a civil war. But I can also see that the factors that could fuel it are there. Its only waiting for the right spark. And as the OP pointed out, the government itself sees the possibility and is preparing for it.

  • skeeter1

    Civil War can only happen if we are not fighting a foreign war.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Greece hasn't dissolved into a civil war.

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