What is the qualification for emblem partakers ?

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  • franticfran

    I have just had a sister for lunch and we discussed the increase in emblem partakers last year to an astonishing 12,600. She said "anyone" could just walk in off the street and take the emblems and thats probaly why the numbers have increased so dramatically,but surely elders are only obliged to report the number of" baptised" brothers or sisters taking the emblems?

  • Lied2NoMore

    If your mentally ill your qualified

  • Bobcat


    The sister must not know that when the count is taken only baptized witnesses are counted for the partakers number.

    All in attendance are counted for the grand attendance figure. But only ones who might possibly know what they are doing (aka baptized witnesses - in their minds at least) are counted as partakers.

    So, in fact, that 12,600 was probably much greater if all actual partakers were counted. Also, it would seem, from some reports, that a growing number of witnesses are partaking at home or in private groups where they are not counted in the Society reported figures.

    From that, 12,600 is much lower than actual.

    And if you want to know what is the "qualification for empblem partakers," John 6:52-54 would be a good place to start.

    Incidentally, the Didache (9:5) set baptism as a requirement for partaking. (See here) The Didache is thought to be a late first or early second century Christian teaching document.

    Take Care

  • franticfran

    Thanks bobcat I was sure I gave her that info but I dont think it will make a blind bit of difference...its like a bloody mantra..."the society says".... argh!!!,

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