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  • AMO

    Does this mean there going to have to start the door to door preaching all over again, from scratch, as in a few weeks the good news is going to be totally different than it is today.



    They really want the youth. Let's face it. If you are 25 and under then YOU are the future of the ORG. They will gladly use a company man who is older, provided he is producing. My parents generation ( they are in their 70's ) are next to go, then so on and so on.

    So this next generation and the teens are the real target. The current JW's just need to be duped a little longer. If a few hundred thousand leave, so what?! All this new light is for 2 main reasons IMO.

    1) Establish the GB papacy once and for all. ( The FDS is who we say it is, no dissent tolerated)

    2) New teachings for future members who don't know enough to run away.

    Number 1 will help them through " persecution " aka, reaping what they have sown. Number 2 won't matter much to die-hard JW's because number 1 is always there. I think the only hope is:

    1) Christ returns and does away with Organized religion and a real new Age begins. Or..

    2) The Governments destroy cults and organized religion.

    Of course death is eventual escape from all of it. Which will happen first? So yes, the youth of today will be preaching something that Christ's disciples could not hope to recognize as truth if they were somehow able to be observers of JW field service.

  • clarity

    Good point Amo!

    Geez what a mess eh?

    So glad to be 'gone' from these idiots!

    The silly thing is ....the witnesses still think

    nothing much has changed, and any newlite

    that they pay attention to....they don't care

    about it one way or another!


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