A miraculous healing breakthrough!!

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  • EndofMysteries

    I prayed for a miraculous healing for someone who has TONS of conditions and has been unable to enjoy most of their life. They have several autoimmune diseases, mental conditions, hormonal, they have been homebound for years, and just always getting worse.

    I am confident the prayer has been answered in the most unexpected way. The person has not just woken up one day and cured of everything. A complicated chain of events lead me down a path that in the end revealed this....

    There is a HUGE difference between things such as transmitted diseases, viruses, etc and things which develop in people but are never passed, such as high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, arthritus, dementia, etc.

    All conditions such as those are groups of symptoms that have been given names as if they just randomly appear and stuck for life or need medication to treat. If you research the side effect of each and every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, etc, EVERYONE and check several sources to get all of the side effects if deficient in them, you'll see they turn into all the conditions people may develop.

    This person who has 10+ diagnoses of conditions and taking tons of medications, and all their conditions seem to be nowhere related, out of 32 of the main nutrients that we are supposed to have from our diet each day, all of their conditions were side effects of 4 or 5 of those, they were all completely connected.

    I also learned of toxins and other things about their condition that need to be detoxified.

    Now there are no known cures or causes for all of these things, yet I accidentally went down a path that revealed and linked all of that together.

    If God had miraculously healed that person, since they are all merely symptoms of being deficient in several key areas, combined with toxic buildups and key changes in lifestyle needing to be made, they would have become sick again very shortly and everybody would have said God didn't heal it well.

    If a person does not drink or eat and is dying of starvation and hunger, if God miraculously heals that, but they continue on, are they expecting him to 24/7 preserve that?

    This person will be starting all of these things shortly, so in 6 to 9 months, I'll give a status update. They need to do a LOT of things so it will take time.

    If you or anybody you know have conditions, there is a test called a micronutrient test, or look up nutrition panels, which checks all levels of essesstial nutrients.

    If you check the side effects of deficiencies of all of them for yourself or another person, you'll be surprised how whatever your symptoms are of all conditions combined are matched up among the same vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc, then having a nutrition lab work prior to doing anything can confirm that and identify others as well.

    That is just the very beginning, there is far more. But the bottom line, the human body is like a machine, it needs things to operate properly. Thousands of years of our bodies very slowly adapting to surroundings, in just a short 100 years, have gone from being outside and getting sun/vitamin D to indoors all the time, tons of artifical and chemicals in our foods, microwaves nuke nutrients, so not giving our body machine what it needs to operate, you get symptoms. Instead of treating the cause of them, the pharm sponsored medical industry makes medications to treat the symptoms so you can allow yourself to continue in the self destructive path and pay them the entire way.

    How can God permanately miraculously heal what is not a disease but side effects and symptoms of not taking care of your body the way you are supposed to? So when this person is all better, there is no way possible it was because of my smarts, he answered the prayer, he lead me to the truth of the causes and what to do for them to be healed.

    And quite possibly if this information helps anybody else, he answered their prayers by moving me to write this. So thank him for it, not me, especially if you prayed for it.

    You do have work to do, but the information I just said is enough to get the rest of the answers.

  • DesirousOfChange

    But it sounds like a good psychologist might be able to help.

  • EndofMysteries

    Quick example, what does dementia, MS and all it's symptoms, Fibro, chronic fatigue, IBS, bipolar, low thyroid have in common?

    Deficiencies in Acetycysteine, Vit D, Magnesium, Selenium, and Calcium and a few others all produces the symptoms of those conditions and the person I'm referring to has them all. Yet they have never once been tested for them. Because the medical industry treats the symptom not the cause.

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