Behold! The great multitude! - IS DEAD

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    It's not just the 'generation' of 1914 that is now gone; so has the 'great multitude' that Judge Rutherford presumptously declared existed in 1935. Probably all of the persons who identifed themselves as members of the 'great multitude' at that convention in 1935 are now deceased.

    Decades later, in the 1990's, The Society came up with 'new light' that the 'great growd' of Revelation 7 does not form until the future great tribulation. So all those people that stood up in 1935, and those who since believed they were members of a great crowd who would survive an impending great tribulation, were misled.

    The Isaiah's Prophecy book hails this as an "outstanding moment in the ongoing fulfillment of...prophecy."

    Isaiah's Prophecy II - Chapter 17, p.247

    Foreigners Gathered to God's House of Prayer

    Isaiah 56:1-12

    ON FRIDAY, May 31, 1935, Joseph F. Rutherford addressed a convention crowd in Washington, D.C. He discussed the identity of the "great crowd," or "great multitude," seen in vision by the apostle John. At the climax of Brother Rutherford's talk, he asked: "Will all those who have the hope of living forever on the earth please stand?" According to one of those attending, "over half of the audience stood." Then the speaker said: "Behold! The great multitude!" Another who was present recalls: "There was at first a hush, then a gladsome cry, and the cheering was loud and long."-Revelation 7:9; King James Version.

    2 That was an outstanding moment in the ongoing fulfillment of a prophecy written down some 2,700 years earlier and appearing in our Bibles as Isaiah chapter 56. As with many other prophecies in Isaiah, this one contains both comforting promises and stern warnings. In the first application, it is addressed to God's covenant people of Isaiah's own day, but its fulfillment extends over the centuries to our day.

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    "Millions Now Living Will Never Die"... what a dic#

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