Jehovah's Witnesses and the KILLER INSTINCT

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  • Terry

    I have never known a female Jehovah's Witness who had the same "killer instinct" that some (if not many) of the brothers have.

    What is this "killer instinct"?

    It is the interior motivation to attack and destroy somebody who disagrees with them.

    Primarily there are two manifestations of this.

    1.Engaging in a "discussion" (door to door, debate, face-off with clergy, casual conversation with fellow JW's) about the bible, doctrine or True teaching.

    2.Inside a Judicial Committe meeting--grilling a suspect and extracting a confession

    Not all Witnesses have this quality or characteristic but you know it when you see it.

    It Is not pretty, believe me.

    You know how some people get mean when they drink? Well, a brother high on Jehovah can be like that in a little one on one at the door.

    Even shootin' the breeze with their fellow believer it can turn into a pissing match. A one ups-manship contest.

    I look back on that in remembrance when I'm in a soul-searching mode in the quiet moments of evening.

    It sort of turns my stomach. I confess I use to snort some holy spirit myself and get full of myself.

    Where was the loving kindness?

    Is it possible to be a loving Jehovah's Witness when you are shredding another person's most deeply held-beliefs?

    Back in the 50's and 60's (when I was most active) the brothers (maybe only in the deep South) carried their bible

    the way Wyatt Earp wore his pistols.

    Ready for a shoot out and killin' in the streets!

    Memorizing scriptures and being quick on the counter-punch is really the technique taught in the Theocratic Ministry School. You practice winning an argument and overcoming objections.

    Cocky brothers with a polished ego and a swagger could really go for the jugular.

    I want to know (and to discuss, if possible) how many of you either were "armed and dangerous" in a debate or know people who were/are like that

    who are JW's.

    I had a crackpot theory or delusion I was under as a young J-Dub. I thought it was possible to become an "expert" JW theologian. I didn't use the word "theologian" of course.

    I'd have said "expert JW". I wanted to memorize all the deeper teachings and the source material in the Society's publications. My favorite target

    for these conversations was the typical brother at the Kingdom Hall who didn't study and yet thought he actually KNEW what the Society taught.

    I'd bait them (Troll-style) by saying something provocative and watch them leap at the bait.

    It might come down to the fact Jehovah's Witnesses worshipped Jesus along with Jehovah until 1954.

    Or, it might be about who the Superior Authorities really are.

    Why? Because I had just come out of prison where I had plenty of time to read and study OLDER publications! I read stuff that had curled my hair and blew my hat in the creek. I wanted to confront the know-it-alls in the congregation and see if they knew about it, too.

    How many people did you run into in your Kingdom Hall who thought they knew and didn't and who would argue?

    How many who always had to be right no matter what?

    How many who like to play the "gotcha now you S.O.B." game?

    How many like to play sniper and shoot somebody down?

    Who do you know (maybe yourself?) who had the KILLER INSTINCT?

  • BroMac

    Terry, I do like your threads! I

    I think what you remember is an old school type jw that no longer exists, I mean nobody learns how to debate anything on the Ministry School today. I do remember back in the 80's a few old Anointed jws who would qualify as JW theologians, you know, who the elders would go to when they were stumped, and only if they were Male.

    Re. Posing questions to those who you know just can't help spout their knowledge; yes I've been there. I asked a question about the flood in a room full of friends, and this one brother couldn't help it... Chomp! The question? So how did kangaroos get to Australia after Noah unbolted the big door?

    It was decided by the know it all that they walked on a land ridge. That's what the Society have said!

    It was interesting to just watch and listen to run of the mill witnesses' brains work with reality, when they realised that kangaroos are not found anywhere else.

  • BroMac

    Snort holy spirit... Lol

  • designs

    My brother, who is still an Elder, is one of those 'grillers', he use to brag about the JCs going long into the night trying to break down the brothers and sisters into seeing things his way.

  • Terry

    I've told the story many times of my conversation with my old JW friend from long ago who remains an active JW (but who, at that time, would still

    talk to me.)

    I said to him, "What about all those dinosaurs? Hundreds of thousands of fossils of gigantic creatures--all over the Earth? What does the Watchtower say about them besides a deafening nothing?"

    He looked like I had said, "here suck on this lemon awhile."

    He replied (and I'll never forget this) "Listen, there hundreds of thousands of creatures living in my ass right now and I don't know what they are doing in there or how they got there. Should I let it destroy my faith in Jehovah?"

    That's the best answer I ever got! I couldn't stop laughing.

    I wanted to say, "Hell, let me buy you a roll of toilet paper!"

  • *lost*

    lol terry - love your sense of humour.

    snorting holy spirit. lol.

    I never realised people in 'da troof' could be so mean and spiteful, lol. I thought they were all pure christians.

  • Slavenomore


    Thank you for your posts they are thought provoking to say the least and I read them avidly. I hope I was not the killer elduh but I am sure I manifested this quality when I was new in the office. I certainly did at the door when speaking with other religious zealots. When I began to feel that things in the org were not passing the sniff test I too asked questions to see the response of my fellow elduhs. A favorite of mine was about samson. Did it really happen the way the story was written or was there some, albeit slight(tongue in cheek) exaggeration? If there was no exaggeration then how did the jaw bone hold up after so many wacks? Maybe he had 2 or 3 spare ones? If there is exaggeration on part of the writer, are there other story's that are mythical in the Bible? Myth/lie. With one lie the whole argument on inspired by god is broken.

    Anyway it's nice now not to feel i have to have all the answers and can sit here and watch the wheels go round and round.


  • Terry

    You know how it is when you are first starting to come out of a deep slumber?

    There is a strong tendency to remain "comfortable" and fight off the awakening.

    You might be having a very pleasant dream. Who wants to let go of a really pleasant dream?

    But, at a certain point in that dream........

    consciousness joins in......

    and you become...aware...that it IS...A DREAM...

    But--you hang on to it as long as you can.

    The brothers (and sisters?) who have the Killer Instinct are fighting to remain inside that comfort zone of dream-like existence.

    The harder they struggle to hang on and prevail in their dreamworld....the more possibility of consciousness OF the dream there is.

    I look at the "devout" people as those most in danger of waking up and finding out their life is a LIE.

    They have everything (dreamlike) to lose.

    It is hard. Really really regain consciousness and have to wake up and get out of bed and GO TO WORK earning a new life.

    "Where can I go?" is the cry. How do you replace a dream?

    If you are lucky--you don't.

    You live a real life like everybody else.

    You make your way.

    You build a good life with good people and look back when you are old knowing it all meant something.

    Pity the poor old JW who looks back at the dream and suddenly finds it meant nothing and it was nothing. And now they are nobody.

  • villagegirl

    And here I thought I had the killer instinct.

    I did piss a few people off, does that count ?

  • Terry

    Village Girl: And here I thought I had the killer instinct.

    I did piss a few people off, does that count ?

    It most certainly does count!

    Unless you are making trouble you really aren't a qualified JW!

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